This is a guest post written by Skubana, all in one omni channel inventory management solution for online merchants.

Where would you be without an effective inventory management strategy? Making critical mistakes regularly. This is why many businesses are now looking at ways to automate their operations, which is where inventory management tools come in.

With the right tools, you can grow and scale, and when it comes to multi channel inventory management, tools are essential. They help small businesses manage their inventory and this improves things for both the business and the customer.

Inventory challenges are broad. They can negatively impact holiday sales, and they can worsen the customer experience so much that the customer takes their custom elsewhere. Challenges include having too much inventory and having too little inventory at any time of the year.

Too much stock means you might lose profits, while too little stock is especially frustrating for the customer who excitedly places an order with an online store, only to be told that that particular product is out of stock. The customer leaves the website or store empty handed, and the business misses out on a sale and a potential loyal customer. This is something that a quality piece of multi channel eCommerce software can prevent.

The importance of inventory management shouldn’t be understated. When you keep on top of your inventory, you know what you’ve got, where it is and when it’s going out.

Multi channel management is tricky and you need all the help you can get. Understanding customer demand is key, but tools can help, too. Whether you sell on Amazon, eBay or elsewhere, let’s take a look at the best multi channel inventory management software that will help give your business a boost.

RIO Inventory

RIO Inventory has a tiered pricing structure: In its basic form it’s totally free but it means you only get access to basic multi channel order management features. The Plus package supports inventory tracking in numerous warehouse locations and comes with lots of other features, including inventory adjustment and allocation quantity. Contact WDCiGroup for a quote.

It’s also worth mentioning that, unlike a lot of the other tools in this list, RIO Inventory can’t be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play. Instead, it’s only available on the Salesforce app exchange.

What it provides depends on your Salesforce licensing (basic or Plus), but both provide solutions for inventory tracking and management in real time.



GoCanvas offers so many different inventory management and tracking apps, from multi channel order management to tracking sheets that there’s no room to go over them all here. However, their best apps include Inventory Tracking and Barcoding, and you can check them all out here. Their site is excellent for multi channel eCommerce software comparison so that you can weigh up which one(s) is best for you.

Their tools provide comprehensive data collection forms that work on multiple devices, they precisely track products and supplies at speed, and they also track by item, location information and department.

The GoCanvas apps work on Windows desktop and mobile, Playbook, Blackberry, Android, iPad and iPhone. All of them offer a free 30 day trial.

Inventory Now

Inventory Now used to be known as Inventory Tracker and it’s a dedicated tool that makes the tracking process much more simple than it probably is for you at the moment. It’s ideal for small businesses who need access to a complete overview of their entire inventory on one screen.

Inventory Now also lets you segment items according to date, category and so on, and it’s super easy to search, filter and sort your products.

It costs $4.99 and is available to download on iTunes.

Stock Control

A fantastic multi channel listing tool, Stock Control is available for Mac, iPad and iPhone. It lists your items, associates them with the correct storage locations and easily sorts them into categories.

Some of its key features include shortage alerts, the ability to retrieve locations and items, the ability to export and import data to CSV, as well as the ability to divide items into different groups so that you can manage various stocks at the same time.

Stock Control is totally free, can be downloaded on iTunes, and is one of the best multi channel lifting softwares available.

ABC Inventory

ABC inventory is totally free to download from Almyta Systems website. No account is needed.

It’s an excellent system that does most things that a small business wants an inventory management tool to do. And despite being free, it doesn’t restrict the number of workstations or records.

It allows you to put together purchase orders with your supplier the moment a product is delivered to a customer. Ideal for businesses who want to customize their workstations, there are zero recurrent fees and zero hidden costs. Whether you’re a small business or a solo entrepreneur, it’s ideal.


Skubana is the all-in-one SaaS solution for your entire e-commerce operation post-checkout. It  offers small businesses the opportunity to bring their whole inventory together in one easily manageable place. With Skubana, you will no longer need multiple software solutions – say goodbye to spreadsheets once and for all!

It offers multi warehouse inventory synchronization in real time, cross-channel analytics, intuitive order & returns processing and Complete Vendor & Purchase Order Workflow..

With Skubana, your business can answer questions such as which products they should offer, how many units they need to reorder (and when), and what they can do to reduce losses while maximizing profits.

They also show inventory on a per FBA sku basis, manage FBA inventory quantity, and synchronize this inventory across other sales channels in real-time.

For a free quote, contact Skubana here.

Stockpile Inventory Management

Stockpile is one of GoCanvas’s most popular tools that makes stock control look like a cinch. It’s got a super easy to use interface, and comes with innovative development policies that are always pleasing users with its updates and new features.

With Stockpile, users can take returns, manage damaged and returned goods, record sales and more. It saves you lots of time, which is perhaps its best feature, and offers dependable technical support.

Stockpile is free to download and use. Just pop over to the GoCanvas website, open an account and download it.

Cashier Live

A multi channel inventory management app that works on Android, iPod and iPhone, Cashiers Live sounds like it’s aimed at retailers. It is, but it’s not limited to retailers. It’s a fantastic inventory management tool that scans barcodes – or lets you create your own barcodes to better track and manage your inventory.

Some of its best features include the ability to create barcodes, enter pictures, category, price and quantity with ease, and track and manage your inventory.

It’s compatible with QuickBooks and comes with in-app support. Free for the first 14 days, it’s then up to you to choose your upgrade option.

Inventory Droid

Inventory Droid is limited to Android devices (hence the name) but it works well for small businesses who need to itemize their stock and keep track of it. It’s especially useful as an Amazon multi tool for online sellers withmultiple accounts.

Among it features are an ability to create a spreadsheet of all your accounts assets, and it can also create custom item fields as well as clone accounts.

It comes in useful if you need to import or export your CSV item lists, too.

Download it from Google Play for just $4.99.

On Hand

Need a premium multi channel inventory management app for your Amazon and eBay stores? On Hand is, um, on hand. It’s compatible with Android devices, iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone and comes with support from Bluetooth scanners.

Among its features are an ability to track assets, carry out inventory data collection and pack orders for shipment.

It also uses an in-built camera to capture barcodes while counting is done easily and quickly.

It’s on the expensive side, though, and costs $29.95 to download from Google Play.

Business Inventory

Business Inventory lets you track delivers, sales, orders and product levels. It’s a great multi tool for Amazon, eBay and any other sales channels you have. It works on both the iPad and iPhone works best for tracking inventory because it covers so much, from receiving items at the warehouse to picking up and shipping items out.

Among its features are an extensive database, a barcode reader, unlimited inventory entries and a camera that lets you take photos of your products.

It costs $0.99 to download from iTunes.

ComputerEase Inventory Control


ComputerEase is free – provided you’re already on the ComputerEase system. If you’re not, you’ll need to contact them for a quote.

It’s also specifically aimed at the construction industry and is fully integrated for contractors.

It’s a piece of multi channel-selling software that’s well worth using as it makes the task of inventory management look easier than ever. Use ComputerEase Inventory Control for tracking your resources on demand.

It turns your mobile device into barcode scanner, and it also links your mobile device to your database via an Inventory Management Module.

The app also lets you receive inventory from your suppliers before scanning it into your main warehouse. Use it to transfer your inventory to inventory locations and jobs, too.

Download ComputerEase Inventory Control from Google Play and iTunes.


Go Codes is an app that helps you track your inventory, and it comes with the web-based software QR code labels that are patent-pending and customizable.

It only works if you’re already a GoCodes Asset Management software customer. Signing up for a free trial is easy, and once you’re a customer you can get the GoCodes inventory tracking system for free.

Among its features are an ability to add images to asset descriptions, the ability to view asset locations on maps, as well as the ability to check in/out and search for assets in groups.

The fact that it comes with a QR code scanner for free is a bonus.

Download the GoCodes inventory tracking system from iTunes.

Barcode eXpress Pro

All you need is your phone to keep track of all your inventory information and items. Barcode eXpress is easy to use and lets you use notes to manage items, expense and to-do lists, captured images and more.

It’s a multi channel inventory management tool that lets you organize your items at multi level locations, as well as manage item with quantity, price and tags.

It also comes with an auto-backup scheduler and a manual backup restore.

Barcode eXpress costs $2.99 to download from Google Play.

TopShelf Mobile Inventory

Available from Scout Software, this cloud-based inventory management and multi channel selling software integrates with eCommerce, CRM and accounting systems. It’s a subscription-based tool that users can either integrate with existing applications, or which they can use as a stand-alone tool. To login, users can use their existing mobile barcode scanner, smartphone or internet connection.

Its features include warehouse setup, reporting, data entry and user administration.

It costs $0.99 to download from iTunes.

Rapid Inventory

Rapid Inventory is a multi channel-inventory management tool that can be used on Amazon, eBay and wherever else you sell your stock. It’s compatible with Android devices only and works on tablets and smartphones.

It’s really easy to use and is supported by external bluetooth scanners.

Among its features is an ability to easily build and manage your equipment serial numbers, item stock lists etc, and it also comes with a built-in barcode scanner. It’s operation is simple and intuitive, and you can export and import data using XML files, CSV files, Google online spreadsheets and Google Docs.

There is a basic plan available for free, and it covers 100 items. The Business Edition covers 500 items and costs $13.99, while the Unlimited Edition covers unlimited items and costs $39.99.

It’s available to download from Google Play.


These are some of the best inventory management tools available. It’s worth downloading or consulting a few at a time because many perform different functions and offer different features, and moreover most of the apps are either totally free or cheap. Start downloading tools today to assist with your multi channel inventory management strategy and remove a major headache.

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