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The much-anticipated launch of the EBC video feature for sellers is here. Only vendors were previously allowed to add video content to their product pages. Amazon added EBC

video uploading to Seller Central on August 30, 2017. Amazon did not publicize the beta launch of EBC video, but the

Amazon world has been waiting for it. This new feature was announced at the June 2017 FBA Boost Conference, where Amazon talked a little bit about it. We don’t have all the specific details yet on how they will be screening EBC video, but the general rules for Amazon video shorts should apply.

The Privileged

Not all sellers can access EBC video yet since it is still in the limited beta trial stage. EBC video is expected to roll out to all Amazon sellers soon, however. For now, sellers who have Brand Registry 2.0 can gain access to test it out. Amazon has emailed an invitation to a select group, asking for feedback on the feature’s functionality. EBC video still has a few glitches, so testers should actively report any issues they experience with this self-service feature.

If you have received such an invitation, you will be able to log into EBC video to enter an SKU to get started. When they perfect the tool, more sellers can expect to find it available. You can also check on your eligibility for EBC video beta by clicking the EBC link on your Seller Central account.

EBC Video Specs

Sellers with EBC will be able to upload a short video for their brand-owned ASINs. The video will display in the main image section of these product detail pages. Once uploaded, the EBC video will also be available for viewing as an Amazon video short in the Related Video Shorts section of the page, located after the product information section.

EBC videoSellers are encouraged to use only high quality thumbnail image files in PNG or JPG formats, much like the guidelines for product images. EBC video files should also be of the best quality. This applies not only to the sound and image resolution, but to the content as well. Resolution should be at 1920×1080, or at least 1280×720. Use the RGB color profile with a DPI of 300 whenever possible. The minimum DPI accepted is 72. The video aspect ratio should be 16:9, the YouTube standard. 3GP, MOV, MPEG-2, MP4, AVI, FLV, or AAC format will give sellers a better chance of getting their EBC video approved. The Amazon video upload feature is not compatible with Apple ProRes files.

Finally, EBC video requires a title, content description, video type and a note on the related ASINs. The title allows 100 characters and the description can be up to 400 characters.

Amazon EBC Video Guidelines

Before they go crazy creating shorts for EBC, sellers should be aware that Amazon will reject any videos that contain product reviews, website links outside of Amazon, promotional information such as discounts or limited-time offers, and any other content that the marketplace considers inappropriate. Sellers must also be sure that they have rights to or ownership of any content that they choose to upload.

It is also wise to note these other Amazon policies and avoid violating them in EBC video content. Sellers should not:

  1. refer to themselves as the contact point for any product or provide company contact information;
  2. refer to competing items;
  3. indicate any seller authorization;
  4. provide pricing information or reference the same using terms like “cheap” or “affordable”;
  5. refer to shipping information of any kind;
  6. reference any indication of the product’s quality;
  7. include editorial or third-party quotes from sources outside Amazon;
  8. give warranties or guarantees of any type;
  9. include multiple brand logos or logos of other brands or organizations;
  10. include language intended to direct viewers outside of Amazon;
  11. refer to products used for criminal activity; and,
  12. include nudity, profanity, or illegal activities.

Using EBC Video

Once you have selected the SKU that you have a video for and click “get started”, a button will appear for adding your video to that ASIN. From there, you will upload the video and thumbnail and enter its title and description. Make sure that you indicate whether your video is restricted to ages 18 and up.

EBC video uploadIt takes about 6 hours for the video to be ready on your product detail page. While in beta, it is best to wait for the video to publish so that you can see how it renders. Because of the glitches, it may not show up properly and you might want it gone. Your EBC video can be taken down from the EBC dashboard. Click “edit” next to the entry for the video and “delete video from detail page”. It can take another 6 hours for the changes to reflect.

We know that sellers have been waiting for this feature for years, but EBC video is still in beta – don’t let your expectations get too high and you won’t be disappointed.

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