What is Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)?

Amazon Marketing Services is the advertising platform available to Amazon Vendors using both the Vendor Central and Vendor Express platforms. AMS provides great marketing opportunities for brands with three different ad types: sponsored product ads; product display page ads; and, headline search ads. These ads are based off keyword searches, related products and product trends. AMS is free for vendors to use and advertising spend is based on the number of clicks their ads get.

How does Amazon Marketing Services work?

AMS advertising campaigns are cost-per-click or pay-per-click (PPC) and are based off a budget you establish for the product. The minimum budget allowed is $100 and at least $1 a day, while the campaign is required to run for a minimum of 1 day. The campaigns can be created with 3 different ad types that determine how your ads will be seen.

The first ad type is sponsored products which is similar to the sponsored product campaigns available in Seller Central. The ads will appear in the search results list and are based off of keywords that are included in each campaign. Similar to seller central, these ads can be set to automatic or manual targeting. Match types can be set to broad, phrase, exact, negative phrase and negative exact. All keywords are included throughout the entire campaign and cannot be grouped into Ad Groups.

The next ad type is product display page ads. These are powerful ads that you can utilize to compete directly with competitors and top sellers in the category. They can also be useful if your product is complementary to a target product. The ads will appear on the side or bottom of search results pages and on related product pages. Product display campaigns allow you to target competitors ASINs or broader shopper interests.

The final ad type, and our personal favorite, is the headline search ads. These are large banner ads that appear at the top of search results and ensure maximum visibility for your product. Headline search ads can utilize another powerful AMS feature in the form of landing pages – which we will discuss further. These ads allow you to feature multiple products across the banner ad. You can use the ad to redirect to these specific products or to a broader landing page for your entire brand. This is a great tool to gain brand visibility on Amazon.

Each of these ad types come with Performance Metrics similar to what exists in Amazon Seller Central. The metrics tracked are impressions, clicks, average cost per click, ad spend, estimated total sales and ACOS (average cost of sales). Campaigns can be quickly duplicated for A/B testing different aspects. AMS also features report downloads which can help you manipulate and analyze the data better in an Excel file. AMS does not have a bulk operations feature like Amazon Seller Central does which can make updating keyword bids slightly more tedious.

What is the Amazon Marketing Services Pages feature?

Amazon Pages are personalized landing pages for your brand and products on Amazon.com. The Amazon Pages feature is free to use in AMS, allows you to create an Amazon URL for your page (i.e., amazon.com/YOURBRAND), highlight key products and tell your brand’s

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story. Amazon currently allows you to create one page per brand, but you can edit the page if you are attempting to push certain products as part of a campaign. They also have a powerful page metrics tool that can be used to track page views, customer engagement and potentially allow for re-targeting in the future.

Amazon Marketing Services is a powerful tool that many brands should be utilizing to grow their brand on Amazon. Achieving optimal performance with these marketing services is key to increasing the visibility and sales of your brand.

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