Amazon Prime Day is the biggest yearly shopping event exclusive to the Amazon Marketplace. The sale day offers bargains akin to what you might find on Black Friday, only the deals are available on Amazon alone. The day is filled with Lightning Deals and various other discounts that seasoned Amazon shoppers are likely to pounce on. There is no official date yet for Prime Day, but we expect it to be set between the second and third week of July. Most lightning deals are exclusive to products sold by Amazon, so Vendors can take advantage of the large volume of product that is going to be shipped out that day.

What to Expect on Amazon Prime Day 2017

Amazon Prime Day InventoryAmazon Prime Day is the biggest shopping day in the Amazon calendar, so Vendors can expect traffic volume to hit Black Friday-like highs. Hundreds of Amazon shoppers grabbed huge discounts last year, and we can expect the same volume this year. The one-day shopping event is reserved for Amazon Prime members, but most products are likely to be discounted, pulling in a lot of sales.

Amazon takes advantage of this annual sale day primarily to move old inventory. Vendors can take advantage of this by getting to know what items have not been selling well and monitoring the deals that Amazon is offering on their products. Armed with this data, vendors can reevaluate their offerings to Amazon and make their partnership more valuable to the retail giant. It is also important to note the pricing of each item over time, and vendors have about four months until Amazon Prime Day to collect this information.

Navigating Lightning Deals

Amazon Prime Day Lightning DealsProducts offered as Lightning Deals will always experience peaks in sales for the deal period. Amazon is offering Amazon Prime Day Lighting Deal spaces to vendors as early as now. To check for this, go into your Lightning Deals and look for the check box where you can signify your interest in submitting your deal for consideration on Amazon Prime Day. Vendors can submit any product of their choosing to send as a Lightning Deal, unlike Sellers who must get approval from Amazon. There are limited spaces, however, and the battle to win one will be more fierce on Amazon Prime Day than on any other day.

Amazon reviews all deal submissions to ensure that shoppers will see only the best deals available on the site’s popular products. In the past, Amazon reviewed Lightning Deals manually, but has moved over to an automated system this year. This will even out the playing field for sellers by making sure that better quality products are offered, but will also increase the competition that vendors face. This is important to note when considering the discounts to be offered and the time that each deal should run.

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