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Advertising with Amazon Marketing Services

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Advertising with Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon remains the most popular online store, and online shopping has overtaken retail in pure numbers. This is the best news yet for Amazon vendors. It means a higher potential for new customers and a chance for organic expansion. It also means, however, that the competition on the platform is growing ever more fierce. Simply putting up a listing is no longer enough. To ensure that a product gets the visibility that it needs to push an increase in sales, vendors have to be willing and ready to dive into Amazon advertising with Amazon Marketing Services.

Capture 90% of Amazon’s Audience

Amazon Marketing Services juggling tasksThe top search results on Amazon are currently occupied by Amazon picks and paid ads, leaving the rest to sink below and hope that customers will have a few extra minutes to scroll down. In most cases, they won’t. We live in a world where faster is always better, and people put a lot of energy into making the best use of every available minute of their time.

One reason why mobile shopping is predicted to so quickly become the norm is because consumers are often in the middle of several tasks at once, and juggling with a smartphone makes a lot more sense than having the traditional sit-down with a coffee in one hand and a mouse in the other.

A guaranteed way to get a product in front of the right people the second they want it is to apply one of the following targeted advertising techniques from Amazon Marketing Services.

Amazon Marketing Services Headline Search Ads

These are the ads that appear across the top of the Amazon search display, above the results. Only Amazon vendors can avail of them to drive visitors who have just started shopping to their complete catalogs.


The minimums for daily and campaign budgets are $1.00 and $100.00, respectively, which will go towards ad clicks. The estimated total cost for running these ads Headline Search Ads is high, but tends to get better results.
Amazon Marketing Services target particular customers


Adjusting keywords for people who have particular items in mind can send customers to more targeted results – a bestseller or a custom link to three select parent products. Bestsellers will boost a potential buyer’s confidence, while the custom parent products page can showcase a bit more variety.

In any advertising campaign, the primary consideration is always getting the customer to immediately see what they want to buy. For this Amazon Marketing Services keyword-based ad, it means taking three vital steps:

  1. Do thorough keyword research and note that broad matches and variations are not supported.
  2. Selecting product groups that go well together.
  3. Use your chosen relevant keywords and phrases in your headline and text.

Amazon Marketing Services Sponsored Products

Scattered over the top, right side and bottom edges of the Amazon search results and product detail pages, these Amazon Marketing Services ads primarily target potential customers who are already browsing or comparing products. Both vendors and third party sellers can use these ads to draw hesitant consumers to their pages. Amazon Marketing Services customers ready to buyNote, however, that Sponsored Product Ads are only available in France, Germany, Italy, the UK, Spain and China. You can get a Sponsored Product Ad running in as little as an hour as long as you have an active professional seller account with Amazon, can ship to all US locations, and meet the following guidelines:

  1. New products only
  2. Buy Box eligible products
  3. Product categories:
Appliances Electronics—Mobile Office Products
Arts, Crafts & Sewing Fine Art Outdoors
Automotive Grocery & Gourmet Food Patio, Lawn & Garden
Baby Handmade Pet Supplies
Beauty Health & Personal Care Shoes
Camera Home & Kitchen Software
Cell Phones & Accessories Industrial & Scientific Sports
Clothing & Accessories Luggage Tools & Home Improvement
Collectibles Movies & TV Toys & Games
Computers Music Video Games
Electronics—Audio/Video Musical Instruments Watches


Sponsored Product Ads on Amazon Marketing Services run by a minimum daily average budget that starts at $1.00, charged according to the number of times someone clicks on the ad. It is advisable to research clicks and conversions to calculate the maximum amount that you can tolerate rather than going with the suggested bid to help you gain an edge, especially during peak shopping periods.

Amazon Marketing Services target customers with existing optimized content keywords


You can target customers easily through your existing optimized content or by entering relevant keywords. Automatic targeting relies on Amazon’s algorithm to serve up ads based on your content and record for conversions. Manual targeting will rely on the keywords that you select to make your ads highly relevant for the appropriate searches.If you are just starting out, Automatic targeting can help you gather data to use later in choosing keywords that your listings get good hits for. If you already know what works, you can go manual with the best combination of your and your competitors’ branded, Automatic targeting, and even out of category single keywords and multiple phrases to add to your campaign. Note that Sponsored Product Ads allow broad searches and variations such as plurals, misspellings, and negative keywords.

Amazon Marketing Services Product Ads

This ad type can appear on product detail and reviews pages, the top of the offer listing pages, the right and bottom edges of the search results page, and on Amazon-generated marketing emails. This makes the Amazon Marketing Services Product Ad by far the farthest-reaching Amazon ad type, and best for targeting customers who are about to make their final purchase decision. Only Amazon vendors can take advantage of these last chance placements. One great feature of this ad is that you can choose which placement you want when you set it up. The disadvantage is that further customization is limited to the headline and logo.
Amazon Marketing Services balance advertising costs


Product Display Ads are charged per click at a minimum bid of $0.02. The minimum average daily budget is $1.00, and the minimum campaign budget is $100.00. Product-based targeting works best with higher bids while interest-based targeting can run on lower bids.


Product Ads can be used to target specific products or particular customer interests. Product-based targeting aims for a more refined audience and thus tends to bring in more conversions. If you are looking to establish or expand your customer base, interest-based targeting works better.

At the End of the Day

Whichever Amazon Marketing Services advertising method you choose to apply, the goal is always to increase your products’ visibility so that you can see a marked increase in sales. AMS can help you achieve this, and is designed so that you can balance your advertising costs to spend less while gaining higher conversions.

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