How to use Amazon Vendor Central Promotions & Coupons to Generate Sales

One of the challenges of growing on the Amazon Vendor Central platform is generating demand for your product. Vendors have a variety of options that they can use within Amazon Vendor Central – from marketing to promotional services. They are also able to request access to Amazon Seller Central to drive sales. In this post, we are going to discuss the many Amazon Vendor Central Promotions that you as a vendor have access to. Combining these promotions with advertising can create a strong Amazon Vendor Central marketing strategy that will increase your purchase orders from Amazon.

What types of promotions can I create on Vendor Central?

There are currently three types of promotions that vendors can offer through Amazon Vendor Central. Each promotion can be used to impact your products sales. The promotions boost your products’ visibility on Amazon, and can improve your product ranking through lower pricing. Effective pricing provides the benefit of increased conversions, page views and ordered items. Promotions also allow your product to be sold for less without having to adjust your cost to Amazon. Amazon looks for ways to push prices down. It is more than likely if you every drop your cost to Amazon, you will never be able to increase it again in the future. Promotions allow you to temporarily drop your product’s retail price without having to adjust your cost.

Lightning deals are available in both the Vendor Central and Seller Central platforms. These promotions have the most visibility on the “Today’s Deals” page and run for up to 6 hours. Amazon requires that the promotion be at least 20% off to be accepted. You can limit the amount of inventory you want sold. After all the promotional units have been added to a cart, your offer appears with a button that says “Join Waitlist” in case a customer who has currently claimed the promotion removes it from their cart. Lightning deals can provide quick sales boosts for your product, but this may not be enough to provide a long-term benefit. These are our least preferred deals to run for our clients. The lack of clarity around any long-term benefits and needing to provide a substantial discount to maximize visibility makes it difficult to justify the value of these promotions.

Best deal promotions provide much more value for the discount provided. The product still appears on the “Today’s Deals” pages and can be run for up to 2 weeks. You can add multiple products within a single Best deal promotion. This allows you to feature your entire catalog or complimentary products as discounts. One listing will show up as the discount and when a customer clicks on the offering it will bring them to a page that features all your offered discounts within the Best deal. We prefer these types of promotions for our clients. The product gets additional visibility by being on the “Today’s deals” page and you can employ an Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) campaign to maximize visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). The increased conversions, page views and orders can greatly increase your products’ relevancy within the Amazon A9 algorithm, and provide great long-term sales benefits.

Price discount promotions also provide great value. This type of promotion does not appear on the “Today’s Deals” page – the promotion only appears on the product listing itself. These promotions can be approved within as short as 24 hours and can run for a maximum of 5 weeks. We’ve previously discussed the effects that pricing can have within the A9 algorithm and mentioned it a few times in this post. Effective pricing of your product (in the form of a discount) can boost your products visibility on Amazon. By partnering these promotions with a AMS campaign you can greatly impact the relevancy of your product. The increased page views and conversions can boost your product up the SERPs and can lead to great long-term sales benefits. These Amazon Vendor Central Promotions are great ways to improve your purchase orders from Amazon.

How can I use coupons to boost my products sales?

Coupons are the other type of Amazon Vendor Central Promotions available. The coupon charges small fees every time the coupon is clipped and redeemed, in addition to the discount that is provided. Coupon promotions are featured on the “Coupons” page within the “Today’s Deal” page. These also appear on the product display page and on the SERPs. Multiple products can be submitted for coupons at the same time. You can also limit the number of coupons redeemed per customer or only make the coupons available when a customer signs up for “Subscribe and Save.”

One unique feature of coupons is the Coupon Landing Page (CLP). CLPs are created when a coupon promotion is submitted within Vendor Central. These landing pages are great for off-site marketing campaigns. You can utilize a CLP within an email marketing campaign or social media marketing campaign. The CLPs are within social media sites like Facebook’s advertising Terms of Service and can be used to drive more traffic to your page. We typically employ ad campaigns leading directly to the CLP for sites such as Facebook. The additional traffic and sales can improve your products’ ranking within Amazon and provide long-term sales benefits as well.

Now that you have a better understanding of the Amazon Vendor Central Promotions you can employ these same strategies to boost your products sales. These strategies can lead to long-term purchase orders from Amazon and sustained success on the Amazon platform. Finding the right strategy for your product is important. Be sure to consider all the costs to you and compare it to the future benefits to see if these are right for you.

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