Applying for Amazon Brand Registry

The single most common recommendation that we make to our Amazon Seller Central clients is to apply for brand registry. Being brand registered with Amazon is the first step that every seller should take toward protecting their brand. It provides many benefits to the seller and allows sellers to pursue other options to protect their brand such as brand gating. Applying for Amazon brand registry is a straight forward process, however there are a few things that Amazon pushes back on. We are going to cover what the Amazon brand registry program is, the benefits of Amazon brand registry and what you need to guarantee your application gets approved.

What is the Amazon Brand Registry Program?

The program was created to give third party sellers more control over their listings on Amazon. Being brand registered makes it easier for a seller to list their products on Amazon and protect their brand. The Amazon Brand Registry Program is open to all sellers and manufacturers who have their own branded products. All private label sellers who mark their products and packaging with their logo are eligible for the program – selling a generic, unmarked product means you are ineligible for the program. Applying for Amazon brand registry has some great benefits that you as a seller need to be taking advantage of.

Amazon Brand Registry Benefits

The Amazon Brand Registry program has incredible benefits for third party sellers. Being brand registered allows you to exert greater influence over the product detail information for your products. Under Amazon’s Terms of Service, any third-party seller can sell a product on a listing if the product is an exact match. Counterfeit products and knock offs are against the TOS and Amazon is creating new policies to crack down on these practices, however they cannot catch everyone and may miss some third-party sellers that could be on your listing. Third-party sellers that undercut your pricing to win the buy-box can edit your listing information including the title, bullet points and product description. Registering your brand with Amazon allows you to specify what information about the product is correct and prevents other third-parties from changing the information.

Another benefit of being brand registered is being able to list your products on Amazon using a unique identifier other than UPC or EAN codes. The Global Catalog Identifier (GCID) is assigned to your product based on a key attribute that you select when registering the brand. The key attribute can be a model number or manufacturer part number, for example. The benefit of creating a GCID through Amazon is the cost savings of buying UPC codes. Amazon requires GS1 UPC codes which can be quite expensive (Currently $250 to sign up for 1-10 codes). Sellers with tons of SKUs should consider applying for Amazon brand registry for the cost savings alone.

Amazon created a new policy at the beginning of September 2016 called brand gating. Brand gating provides unique protection for brands selling on Amazon. Being in the Amazon brand registry is an important step in getting your brand gated. If you are interested in learning more about this policy, check out our previous blog post or YouTube video.

How to Apply for Brand Registry

There are a few things that you should ensure you have done prior to your application. These will save you a lot of headaches down the road and help the process move smoothly. You will need to have a website for your brand, and will need to have an email account hosted on that website. Websites can be built quickly using services such as,, or, for example. Setting up an email hosted on your domain is also easy. For example, the email should be

It is also important to ensure that your brand’s logo is on both the product and the packaging. You may need to work with your manufacturer to develop new packaging and branding on your product if you currently do not have it. Amazon will not approve an application missing this. Also, ensure the website has images of your product with the logo on the packaging and on the product itself. Finally, make sure the email hosted on your website is a user on your Amazon Seller Central account. You can learn how to add a user to your account with this video.

Here are the steps to register your brand:

  1. In your Amazon Seller Central Account, select help and search for Amazon Brand Registry. Click the link that is in Seller Central University
  2. On the next page, select “Apply for Brand Registry”
  3. Enter your brand name as it is currently listed on your products, upload images of the product and packaging with your brand’s logo on it, select “I manufacture the product and own the brand,” add in your brand’s website and answer the UPC question
  4. Click “Submit”
  5. Check your Amazon cases to see the status of your request

Following the steps above and the actions to take beforehand will make applying for Amazon brand registry a smooth process. The Amazon Brand Registry benefits will help you as a seller on Amazon. Take the first steps to protecting your brand today.

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