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Amazon provides sellers with a lot of advantages, and part of this is all the tools that they have available for use. One of these tools is ASIN reporting. Every seller should be take the best advantage of this Amazon-generated report to check on product visibility and sales. Properly analyzing this report will help you as a seller to see not only how your products are faring, but also to see what changes you can make to help them sell better.

What to Check For

ASIN reporting contains data on the Sessions, Page Views, Buy Box Percentage, Units Ordered and Ordered Product Sales for each of your ASINs. These categories pertain to two general aspects of the products, their visibility on Amazon, and how well they sell.

Analyzing this report from both an advertising and a sales standpoint should become a habit for any seller. When looking at this report for the items below, keep in mind that you are considering the historical performance of your products, their average performance, and the recent changes that are shown. All aspects of ASIN reporting are actionable, but note that some metrics can be dealt with immediately and others will need time to show improvements.


Your Sessions column shows how many times each specific ASIN was viewed. Driving traffic to listings is one primary concern that greatly affects sales.ASIN Reporting Sessions

  • Low sessions generally mean that your product needs a boost through promotions or paid advertising.
  • High sessions and low sales may mean that your listing needs revision in the area of text or images, you have poor reviews or not enough reviews to convert, you have a lot of competition, or your product does not meet the requirements of Amazon buyers, who we know can be quite picky.
  • Drops in sessions combined with drops in sales usually indicates a problem with the attractiveness of the listing or the product itself

Check on the other criteria as well. Low offer counts and inventory issues can be the reason why your sessions are falling, ow why your products are visible but not flying out the door. Making adjustments to PPC campaigns, even outside of Amazon, can also affect the performance of your ASINs.

Who’s Got the Buy Box

The competition that your top sellers or Sponsored Products face may be vying for the Buy Box, driving your numbers down. Find out which of your ASINs in a channel are controlling channel performance and how much Buy Box is theirs. This combination is part of a larger strategy that you should look into and fully understand to help your ASINs compete and improve their performance.

Ordered Product Sales 

Your Ordered Product Sales show an end-result aspect of how saleable your products are. Very simply, if numbers are going up, your products are selling well, and vice-versa. Ordered Product Sales does not show you the specifics. However, the sales per ASIN and per order, their selling price, and offer count should be tracked in any case, and are fairly easy to compute. You should be looking at the numbers for at least over the past 3, 6 and 12 months. Keep the same record for your Buy Box percentages as well so you can map trends and explore causalities.

True Top Sellers

You may be tracking a number of top sellers that have ASIN Reporting Top Sellersgiven you big numbers over the past several months. The task now is to find your true top sellers by mapping which products have been bringing in the highest revenues for each time period, and which ones have been topping the chart consistently.

Pay close attentions to those ASINs that are most likely to have a heavy negative impact on your business if performance should take a downturn. Make sure that your efforts are focused on these important ASINs so that they continue to perform well and generate the sales that will fuel your growth.

Top Seller Inventory

Checking inventory is a very important part of making sure that your top sellers continue to perform well. You do not want your optimization efforts, advertising budget – and most importantly your investment in customer trust – to go to waste on products that visitors cannot buy because they are out of stock.

Your inventory should be maintained at levels that will ensure that your top sellers never go out of stock. Zero stock will quickly cause a drop in weekly revenue that can be a huge loss for your business if it is a top seller. Take a quick look at the volume that you are moving for each of these ASINs to show you how much stock you should have on hand for each parent and child.

What to Expect from ASIN Reporting

When you start reviewing ASIN reporting you should be able to gather a lot of insights on the performance of your ASINs. As you dedicate regular time to analyzing the results and implementing different solutions to keep your numbers up, you will see performance steadily improve. As you continually monitor ASIN reporting, you will also find and learn the different nuances that will give you clues into how you can help your products perform even better.

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