How to become an Amazon Vendor

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and fulfillment by merchant (FBM) are not the only Amazon business models. The Amazon Vendor program is where Amazon buys products wholesale directly from you and sells your product on Amazon. You may have noticed these products on the Amazon platform before with the tagline “Ships from and sold by” There are many pros and cons to being an Amazon vendor that we will discuss in future posts. This post will focus on how to become an Amazon Vendor.

The Invitation-Only Party

Unfortunately, the Amazon Vendor program is offered on an invitation only basis. There are a few ways that you could have an invitation extended to you. Each product category on Amazon has buyer reps that are responsible for managing relationships and orders with their suppliers for their specific category. These buyer reps are also the ones responsible for inviting companies, brands and sellers to the Amazon Vendor program. They make the invitations based on whether they believe your product would sell well for Amazon.

If you are a well-recognized brand, chances are you will receive an invitation from Amazon for the vendor program. Amazon wants to have the largest brands on their platform and will work to have your products sold by Amazon. Alternatively, Amazon buyers may also invite you to the Vendor program if you are using the FBA or FBM model with products that are selling really well in their category. Top sellers will generally receive an email from Amazon at some point asking if they are interested in joining Amazon Vendor Central and wholesaling to Amazon.

Amazon buyers are also regularly on the road at trade shows looking for new products that they believe could do well, or products that they believe will compete with top sellers that are FBA or FBM. We’ve attended multiple tradeshows in the past few months and have met many different Amazon buyers making the rounds. This is another great way to get access to the vendor program.

There is one last way that you can be become an Amazon Vendor. You could request an invitation from an Amazon buyer! There is hope for all FBA and FBM sellers that want to go this route! Your request to become an Amazon vendor will be reviewed by Amazon buyer reps and the invitation will be offered or you will probably never hear anything again about it. The best chance of receiving an invitation when you request one is if your product is a top seller on Amazon, your account health is good and you have an established track record of selling on Amazon.

The Amazon vendor program is not right for every seller and faces different obstacles from the FBA or FBM business model. It is important to take the factors into consideration when thinking of becoming an Amazon Vendor. We will discuss these factors in further detail in future posts.

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