Headline Search Ads in Seller Central

We previously mentioned about some of the updates and new features Amazon is rolling out with the advent of the new Brand Registry. Another great feature recently became available for third party sellers – the ability to run headline search ads in Seller Central. These ads can be a great way to make your product appear first on any search engine results page, help your product stand out against the competition and drive more sales to your featured product listings.

What are Headline Search Ads?

Headline Search Ads are a type of ad that you could previously only run if you had access to Amazon Marketing Services. These ads appear as a banner at the top of search engine results pages on the Amazon platform and play an important part in the Amazon advertising strategies of seasoned Amazon sellers. Previously, a third-party seller on Amazon only had the opportunity to use the Seller Central Campaign Manager to run sponsored ads campaigns – advertisements that show up within search engine results pages, but not necessarily at the top.

Third-party sellers were still able to run Headline Search Ads through a little maneuvering. A seller could sign up for a vendor express account and gain access to Amazon Marketing Services. This meant managing your Amazon PPC advertising across two different platforms with two different logins. The process of managing Amazon Advertising campaigns is now much simpler for third-party sellers with headline search ads in Seller Central.

Why are Headline Search Ads important?

The Amazon marketplace continues to get more competitive every single day. Advertising on Amazon will become vital to continually experience growth on the platform. Headline search ads give you more variety and options as a third-party to reach your customers in the best possible way. As we mentioned before, these ads appear at the top of search engine results pages on Amazon. This means that your product, or rather selection of products, will be the first thing a shopper will see.

The ad location is not the only great feature. You can select the message that the shopper sees and where the advertising traffic goes. A minimum of three products from your catalog need to be selected to run headline search ads in Seller Central. The shoppers that click your ad will be brought to a custom landing page that features these products only – without advertising or any other products for them to view.

How should you use Headline Search Ads in Seller Central?

We believe it will be important for all sellers to integrate headline search campaigns into their Amazon PPC advertising strategies. At this point, there are still niches that are completely devoid of headlines search ads. You can increase your product visibility, sales and take control of your niche by running effective headline banner ads.

The first thing we would recommend doing would be to quickly browse your main keywords on Amazon to see if there are currently any headline ads being run, how these ads are built and who is running the ad. If you still have doubts about this new addition to Seller Central advertising, another thing you could do would be to analyze product sales numbers for the featured products in your niches and see if they are currently selling well. Track the products over a few days and see if they are still appearing in the ads and if their sales numbers improve. While this is not a fool-proof method by any means, you should be able to get a sense of what the ROI would be. Little to no improvement could indicate a super-competitive advertising niche or low search volume, among other things. Check this against the suggested bids within Seller Central Campaign Manager to see how much the keywords are bid up (another indication of competitiveness) and what your potential ROI could be.

Next you need to decide where you want to send your advertising traffic. Selecting your top products to be feature on the custom Amazon landing pages is a great way to boost sales. Your products will appear without competitor ads and give you a better chance of converting a shopper on one of your products.

We are still waiting to see how the storefront will evolve within the Amazon platform, but for now you can take advantage of building a storefront that conveys your brand’s message to shoppers. Creating an attractive storefront that gives customers your story and featured products can be a great way to convert them from a competitors’ brand. We think this can also be a great idea for consumable products in the subscribe & save program. Crafting the right message to get shoppers purchasing your brand is extremely valuable if they are then purchasing your product on a recurring basis. Our thoughts are that you will be able to run headline ads in Seller Central to your storefront in the near future.

The final step is coming up with the creative for the ad, and designing the ad itself. Select the products you want featured in the ad and think of a message that shoppers will respond to. You can try different text in headline search ads to get customers to click. There are restrictions on what exactly the content can say, but you should try different combinations to see what converts best. Utilize some basic A/B testing to see which ad creative has the best advertising return for you. Continue to refine your Amazon PPC advertising by adjusting bids and budgets overtime.

Headline Search ads in Seller Central are a great new way for 3P sellers to reach their customers. Amazon is levelling the playing field now more than ever with the new benefits and features available to brand registered sellers. It will be interesting to see what other features from the vendor platforms and Amazon Marketing Services will become available to third-party sellers on Amazon, and whether this will be a long-term shift of Amazon moving more towards Seller Central only. For now, start incorporating these ad types into your Amazon Advertising strategy and be ready for any other opportunities Amazon sends your way!

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