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Amazon sellers regularly take advantage of the company’s data and tools to stay ahead of the competition. New services are being developed all the time to assist sellers in creating the ultimate selling experience and gain reasonable profits. One of these tools is Amazon Stores.

Introducing the New Amazon Stores

Amazon Stores allows brand owners to design stores on the site with multiple pages to showcase their brands, products and value propositions. This program enables sellers and vendors to showcase their brand story and product portfolio in a curated customer destination. This customized content introduces prospective customers to your brand its unique experience.

Key features of the New Amazon Stores

Multiple Pages– Use up to 3 levels of customizable pages to focus on your brand and products.

Template Builder– Use intuitive and easy modules to build attractive Amazon Stores.

Rich Media – Use rich text and images to improve your customers’ shopping experience.

These Amazons Stores elements help boost conversion rates with better advertising features

Marketplace Channel Analyst at CPC Strategy, Leo Carillo, swears by the success rate of Amazons Stores in terms of higher conversion rates because it offers better advertising features. “We pushed shoppers to the Amazon Storefront and in just one week, we generated more than $2,000+ in sales on the same branded traffic!”

Other Amazing features of the New Amazon Stores


new Amazon Stores features


Harness increased customer traffic

Showcase more of your brand’s products and unique attributes in carefully designed segments to make it easier for customers to navigate. Sort selections by category, buyer interest, price, or gifting options so they can easily decide which products to buy.

Add videos and other creative elements

Including videos on landing pages can cause conversion rates to shoot up quite dramatically, so this strategy is worth thinking about for your brand. This update is a big plus for brands that have products that can benefit from demonstration, multi-angle views, and the explanation of other features and benefits that videos can provide.

Access to New Amazon Store Insights

The Amazon Insights interface has a new dashboard that shows statistics on daily visits, page views, and sales. Data is displayed by page and traffic source, providing unique visibility into how to optimize your marketing strategy and identify new opportunities to drive Store traffic.


social media marketing for new Amazon Stores


Measuring Social Media Advertising Conversions

As a Store owner, you are provided by Amazon with a tool to measure the performance of your store through a full range of metrics. This further helps you by providing unique visibility into how to optimize your marketing strategy and identify new opportunities to drive Store traffic.

Available Metrics

Amazon Stores Insights shows several traffic metrics, such as:

Daily visitors:  Total unique users or devices that viewed one or more pages on your store in a single day.

Views:  Number of page views during this time period. Includes repeat views.

Sales:  Estimated total sales per store visitor within 14 days from their last visit with units and sales data as of December 25, 2017.

Units sold:  Estimated total units purchased by store visitors within 14 days of their last visit.

Views per Visitor:  Average number of unique pages viewed by a daily visitor to your store.

Available Traffic Sources

There are 4 traffic sources that Amazon measures, including:

Amazon Headline Search ads

Organic traffic from within Amazon (search results and brand detail page links)

Tagged sources – custom source tagged channels for granular tracking with data broken down into individual tags when it meets Amazon’s data count threshold.

Other  traffic sources outside the named categories.

Data is refreshed daily and is available the next day for views and daily visits, and after two days for attributed units and sales.

Dive Deeper into Store Performance

From your dashboard, you can get an overview of all data, or focus on traffic, sales, pages, or sources so you can analyze the metrics in a neat graph. Data is available by day or over a selected time period and can be exported in a CSV file.

As customers turn more and more to e-commerce as their default marketplace for various consumer purchases and as Amazon itself becomes a very major means of selling your products, having a new Amazon Stores page that truly represents your brand is vital.


Don’t put off setting up your new Amazon Stores page for another minute. Time is gold, and you need to seize it now. You should see the new Amazon Stores as an important business investment, and go for it to gain an edge over the competition.