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How Important are Landing Pages for Your eCommerce Website?

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How Important are Landing Pages for Your eCommerce Website?

Landing pages are very important for eCommerce conversions. They are in fact one of the single most important tools for driving conversions. If you’re talking about traffic and lead generation, your home page is the ideal destination. Conversions, however, happen on landing pages.

One mistake that eCommerce website owners often make is mixing sales and lead generation. Another is driving all traffic to the website’s home page. These should be strategically separated out, and you’ll find out just how below.

Why Landing Pages are so Important

The home page of any website is the starting point for general visitors. This is the link that you share out to people when they are new to your business and are looking for general information. You do not want to lead people to this page when they have already been warmed up by your ads. This is just a waste of money. You want these interested parties to get straight to your products. You want to direct them to the appropriate stages in your sales funnel so they slide comfortably to making that purchase.

Landing pages serve the specific function of being the destination for hot leads. They represent the different stages and comfortably welcome your visitors by giving them the information that they immediately need. It is very confusing and not at all impressive when prospects click on an amazing ad for a certain product and end up on your home page. There they are with no idea of where to find the product that made them click. The result is an almost immediate bounce and a lost hot lead.

How to Craft Effective Landing Pages

Your goal is to create high-converting landing pages for your eCommerce website that drive signups, subscriptions and sales. This means creating landing pages that accurately represent the sales flow. There are several key elements that your landing pages must have for them to be effective.

Sales Funnels

You can’t go for a single solution to answer all your leads’ needs. You need targeted landing pages for the different stages of the sales funnel. A single page creates a huge disconnect that throws people off. It leads them no to the next stage, but to search for a more sensible source. Sort out your sales funnels and your landing pages so that you are communicating effectively. This builds trust with your prospects and makes them more at ease moving on to the next level.

Your sales stage is your big idea that will dominate each of your landing pages, focusing on that single customer type that you are targeting. Provide prospects with a single path to follow and they will be much more likely to reach the conversion stage.

Focused Purpose

First, you must know what your goal is for each of your landing pages. To start, go through your ads and divide them up based on their targets. Different offers and different products should ideally each have their own landing pages.

For each of these landing pages, clearly show the highlights of the product and the details of the deal that you are offering. The people who click on your product ads are aware that they have a need and are looking at your product to fill it. You need to lead them straight to the solution. Those who click on ads that are geared towards identifying a problem should lead to a page that presents an option and explains why it is the best. And so on. You need to know the minds of your leads, know what they expect, and direct them to where they will find their answers.


Mixing information can seem like the more economical way to deal with landing pages, or general website pages. This only creates confusion, however. People are not lacking options these days. They are not going to be patient looking through a page for what they want. They expect to find the exact next step to what the ad introduced them to. This is what results in action, the purchase.

In your landing pages, directly reflect what was on the ad right smack at the top where visitors will immediately see it. This tells them that they’re in the right place. Did you make an offer in your ads? This is the next thing that needs to be prominent on your landing pages. This call to action should then be developed as you get down to the bottom of the page. That last CTA should be your point of transition from awareness to action – buy now!

Don’t put different offers on the same landing pages. This just creates more confusion and divides the attention of your lead. You can have multiple CTAs, but they should all be about the same product and offer. And they should all link to the same next step. Don’t make your prospects work hard to buy from you – it doesn’t make sense.


Showcase the product that you are pushing on your landing pages. If you have multiple images that show different angles that would add value, use them all. If you have a how-to video that you know your targeted prospects will want to see, make sure it’s there. Embed it rather than adding a link, though – you don’t want to send people away to another page. Do not, however, overpopulate the pages just because you have the content. Evaluate each piece against your purpose and include only what matches up.

If you have great testimonials about your product, add them in as well. Make sure that they are clearly visible and include the photo, name and other pertinent details of the person recommending your product. Social proof is a powerful tool that you should use to help your prospects along.

As with focus and consistency, you want to keep your prospects’ attention. What you don’t want to do is overwhelm them. Match up all your visuals to the singular goals that you have identified for each of your landing pages. Lay them out in a visually appealing manner that tells a leading story – ending with your intended goal.

Start Planning Your Landing Pages

To create great landing pages that will boost your conversions, keep these main points in mind. When you are ready to create your first landing pages, we recommend checking out ClickFunnels.  For a limited time you can get a 14-day free trial – giving you the opportunity to build your own funnel and test to see if this program is right for you. Maintain your credibility with the proper focus, information and consistency. Check that you are not giving false hope, failing to meet your prospects’ expectations, or making them work too hard. Understand your prospects and craft your landing pages to meet them where they are.


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