Alexa and Seller Central


Who or What is Alexa?

Wouldn’t it be nice to run your business hands-free? Wish granted! Introducing Alexa, a voice enabled digital assistant that can help you access your account details in Amazon Seller Central. As announced in the Amazon Seller Forum, Alexa or the Seller Central Alexa skill, provides the seller with a variety of business updates from any Alexa-enabled device.

Now available for all sellers within US marketplace, this skill was designed for easy and efficient business oversight with Alexa serving as a virtual employee and a personal assistant as well. How convenient for you.

Get the skill here. Don’t worry, it’s free to enable. By the way, you will need an Alexa-enabled device and a professional seller account in order to access and use the skill.

Getting started is as easy as One – enable the skill; Two – link your seller account; and, Three – with the words, “Alexa, start Seller Central,” viola! You can start managing your Amazon Marketplace business.

Things to Try with Alexa

Alexa whatTo access business-related info, you can ask specific command questions like the following:
Sales summary by date. “Alexa, how are my sales?”, “Alexa, what were my sales yesterday?”
Inventory recommendations. “Alexa, how is my inventory?”
Orders. “Alexa, do I have any orders?”
Campaigns. “Alexa, how are my campaigns?”
Feedback. “Alexa, how’s my feedback?” and “Alexa, read my feedback.”
Buyer messages. “Alexa, do I have any messages?”
Payments. “Alexa, when do I get paid?”, “Alexa, when was my last payment?”, and “Alexa, what is my current balance?”

So, whether you are driving your car, preparing dinner, or just lounging around, you can update yourself with messages from your customers and also check for incoming orders, payments and inventory.

Not only that, but you can also do product research with the tool. Read on to learn how.


Alexa as an Amazon FBA Seller Tool

To do research with Alexa, here is what you need to do: go to the Alexa Skills Store (or use the Alexa app), search “Market Intelligence”, click into the skill with the title “Viral Launch-Market Intelligence”, and press Enable.

Viral Launch also gives the following instructions on how to begin product research:

  1. Make sure Market Intelligence is enabled on your Echo device.
  2. Say to Alexa: “Alexa, open Market Intelligence.” (Alexa will respond: “Astronaut online”).
  3. Say: “Search [product/keyword].” (Alexa’s response: “We are go for [product/keyword]”).
  4. Alexa will now begin counting down from 10. This gives our systems time to grab all of the necessary market data and run a proprietary analysis.
  5. If our system was quick enough, immediately after saying “one“, Alexa will tell you the star rating of the product as well as any tips, warnings, or alerts.
  6. If the system was not quick enough, you will need to say “blast off“, at which point Alexa will give you the searched product’s star rating as well as the tips, warnings, and alerts associated with your search.

Yay for Alexa!

Thus far, those who have tested Alexa have only praises for its usefulness in accessing multiple parts of a seller’s account, its convenience in receiving information and updates on demand, its efficiency in obtaining the latest information on specific business topics, and its accessibility through a voice-controlled device. Busy sellers highly appreciate Alexa’s ease of use, its engaging conversational tone, and how it grants instant access to information on overall business health.

Have fun!


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