Using Amazon Enhanced Brand Content


Amazon launched their Enhanced Brand Content feature in a quiet release last November. Enhanced Brand Content gives any third-party seller on the platform who has branded products a new range of product listing optimization options. The A+ tool is free to use, but only for a limited try as part of the test run. It has not been rolled out to all Amazon sellers yet, but we recommend that you try it as soon as it becomes available under your Advertising menu.

As we mentioned in an earlier post, the competition on Amazon is becoming increasingly tough. There are now over two million sellers on the platform, and they sold more than two billion products last year. This is stiff competition to face, even for veteran eCommerce retailers. The Enhanced Brand Content feature can give private label sellers a much needed edge.

Enhanced Brand Content Explained

A+ Enhanced Brand Content optionsThis A+ Seller Central tool is aimed specifically at boosting conversions for private label brands. Enhanced Brand Content allows sellers to add rich image and text content to their product descriptions. Instead of having a single, plain-text paragraph, Enhanced Brand Content users can add quality images and format their text. This improves description optimization that aims to fuel conversions.

The original Amazon A+ Content feature allowed the addition of HTML premium content. Enhanced Brand Content, however, is available for any branded product that is registered in the Amazon Brand Registry. The feature does not allow fully customized HTML, but its templates offer a lot. Sellers will be able to format text for easy scanning, place emphasis on unique product value points, and include a more comprehensive visual element.

Start Using Enhanced Brand Content

Get Your Products in the Amazon Brand Registry

Your private label brands that have a Global Catalog Identifier (GCID) can be registered quite simply in Amazon’s Brand Registry .

Browse the Enhanced Brand Content Feature

The Amazon Enhanced Brand Content page will show up under the Advertising menu once it becomes available on your Seller Central account. The Help section will give you an idea of the basic requirements for creating your Enhanced Content Detail Pages. Prepare your product text and images, and enter your first SKU to begin.

Select an EBC Template

There are five available templates as of now for Enhanced Brand Content, more options that standard A+ Content for Vendors. Each of them has predefined sections for images and text. Here are some features to note when making your selection:

Template 1
8 images of 300 x 650 pixels maximum 4 placements
Template 2
1 header image of 970 x 600 pixels maximum plus 8 images of 300 x 650 pixels maximum 4 placements
Template 3
2 images of 970 x 600 pixels maximum 2 placements
Template 4
1 header image of 970 x 600 pixels maximum plus 5 images of 300 x 300 pixels maximum 6 placements
Template 5
1 large image of 970 x 1300 pixels maximum 1 placement


It is best to choose a template based on your available images and text. If you have a bit more time and money to spend, you can create new text and design better images to fit your desired layout. If you decide at some point that a different template would be more suitable for your listing, you can easily change it.
Amazon Enhanced Brand Content templates

Note also that not every text or image placement must be filled. Any box that is left blank will be automatically adjusted by Amazon to balance out the white space. Images that are very poor quality should be replaced as they can cause your enhanced listing to be rejected. Images that are too large per the above specifications will be automatically resized. Choose a balance between resolution and file size to make the best use of your 250KB size limit for images and text together.

Add Content

Lay out your optimized images and text in the most visually appealing and easy to read arrangement within the template. Remember here that Amazon does not allow the use of any copyright or trademark symbols. Video is Amazon m-commerce Enhanced Brand Contentalso not available for Enhanced Brand Content, but we hope to see this added in the future. Your existing plain text description will be replaced, so make sure that you have all the details in your enhanced placements. One great advantage is that the content can be published to all your ASINs registered and under your (GCID) that you have an offer for. If, however, an ASIN has ever had a contribution published by a retail vendor, the content will not be published.

If you are concerned about your m-commerce visibility, you will be pleased to know that there are no additional steps for creating Enhanced Brand Content. It is also adjusted automatically to display on Mobile or the Amazon App. Not all the images will display, however, until the mobile user clicks on the Description box. Amazon will not index any Enhanced Brand Content, unfortunately, but it does get indexed by Google, so your page will have a higher chance of being picked up by searches if you have properly optimized your listing with relevant keywords.


Once all your content is in place, you can get a preview of what your enhanced listing will look like. The preview will also bring up warning for any errors such as prohibited references to guarantees, returns, and pricing information. You will need to fix these before your listing can be approved. Finally, you will get a message regarding any available space left, which you should use to add or upgrade images and text. Be sure to remember the limitations placed on image sizes as you do so.

Final Touches

If you see anything that does not look too good, such as odd white space between sections in your layout, check your image sizes and margins to ensure that they fit together seamlessly into your chosen template.

Submit for Review

submit Enhanced Brand Content for reviewWhen you are finished tweaking your listing, you can click on submit. Amazon can take up to seven days to review a listing, but most are either published or rejected within two days. If your listing is rejected, Amazon will provide guidelines for revisions that you can apply to be eligible for resubmission. Visit the Help page as well to brush up on the restrictions. Even so, you may still get more revision requests from Amazon, which is perfectly fine since the listings seem to be reviewed manually. Just continue adjusting your Enhanced Brand Content until the Amazon requirements are satisfied.


Your listing will be automatically updated by Amazon as soon as it is approved. You can check your new content by visiting your listing. Once you get your first listing approved, you can use this experience to create up to twenty more submissions, the maximum allowed for pending Enhanced Brand Content.