Online Retailers under the Amazon Banner

Selling on Amazon is rewarding enough, but it became more exciting when Amazon acquired the very popular daily deal site Woot in 2010. This is not the only subsidiary that they own, however. This top destination for online shoppers is not called the online retail giant for nothing. Below we have an overview of the biggest of these smaller companies under the Amazon banner:  online retailers Shopbop and Zappos, self-publishing platform CreateSpace, video streaming service, audio bookstore Audible, audio book publisher Brilliance Audio, rare bookstore AbeBooks, gaming studio Double Helix Games, and maritime forwarding business Beijing Century Joyo Courier Service. Selling on Amazon now has new meaning with these and other open avenues for online retail.

Shopbop – 2006

This online retailer has expand its services since it was acquired by Amazon. Already trusted with a global customer base, Shopbop continues to sell high quality authentic designer merchandise for women. The site boasts a wide range of hand-picked apparel and accessories from fashion’s current labels. Shopbop is known for its superb personalized customer service, which includes wardrobe advice. The site also offers front-line editorial lookbooks and select partnerships with future-focused brands.

Zappos – 2009

This online retailer is one of the largest online shoe stores in the world. The idea behind the company was to build a website that offered a large and quality assortment of shoes. Zappos now also offers the best selection of clothing, accessories, bags, boutique, and various other items for men, women and children. The Zappos goal is to give the best service online in any category with a focus on fast shipping. The continuing goal of Zappos is to get customers to associate the Zappos brand with the absolute best service.

CreateSpace – 2005

This self-publishing platform is the result of a merging of two companies that Amazon acquired in the same year, CustomFlix and BookSurge. CreateSpace offers self-publishing to authors, independent filmmakers and musicians. Subscribers can publish their own original works and easily distribute them through an on-demand system. The company offers these independents an innovative way to market their work to a wide audience while maintaining a good deal of control over the material. – 2014

This live video streaming platform that focuses on live streams. The majority of content consists of video gaming, including competitive gaming event coverage, playthroughs of video games, multiplayer gaming, and broadcasts of eSports competitions. Twitch boasts a subscriber base of 100 million monthly visitors who have access to video material from 1.5 million broadcasters.

Audible – 2008

This audio bookstore focuses on the production and sale of audio entertainment, but also deals in online educational and information programs. Audible stocks audiobooks, audio versions of magazines and newspapers, and radio and TV programs. Since the acquisition, Audible has assimilated about five thousand AudioGO titles. Possibly Amazon’s most recognized subsidiaries, Audible is the biggest name in audiobook production and retail in the United States.

Brilliance Audio – 2007

This company is the leading independent US audiobook publisher. Brilliance Audio maintains a very high standard of audiobook publishing. They were producing audio copies of bestselling books at affordable prices long before the term audiobook was coined. The company is in a great position to compete for top fiction and nonfiction works of all genres with their reputation and fully equipped manufacturing facilities, studios, art department and global sales team. Brilliance Audio pursues its motto of “Audiobooks for Everyone” with more than 6500 titles to date on CD, MP3-CD, and for download, and offers volume publishing for certain print publishers.

AbeBooks – 2008

This book company works with independent bookstores to track down rare, used and out-of-print books. They pride themselves in a sizeable inventory of rare titles made available in over fifty countries and from thousands of booksellers. AbeBooks has six websites for France, Germany, Italy, Spain, North America, and the United Kingdom.

Double Helix Games – 2014

This gaming studio, famous for the games “Killer Instinct” and “Silent Hill”, has more than a hundred game developers working on new games. The company hosts frequent studio events and focuses on maintaining an atmosphere that is most conducive to creativity and excellence. Double Helix Games is the result of a merger of The Collective and Shiny Entertainment, both Foundation 9 studios. The company is now one of the largest and most experienced in game development worldwide. They are also one of the developers of major home consoles.

BONUS for Selling on Amazon:  Beijing Century Joyo Courier Service – 2016

This maritime forwarding business is part of Amazon’s major drive to expand their logistics strategy to sea freight. Amazon has begun posting its rates for this new service, ready to compete with experienced global freight companies in China. Amazon’s application for a license was approved by the US Federal Maritime Commission in early 2016, and the company is now pushing forward with its plans to operate as a non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC). Beijing Century Joyo has already run 150 containers of cargo shipment to and from China and the US. This makes China a freight forwarder, which brings additional benefits to selling on Amazon. As Chinese shippers take this more affordable and direct option, savings are likely to filter down and make selling on Amazon an even more lucrative business.