Join Amazon Exclusives Program


Amazon Exclusives is a program released in 2015, focused on unique products. Third party sellers can partner directly with Amazon through the program to launch their innovative items through the program for better visibility.

Amazon promises better brand discoverability, additional marketing opportunities, along with merchandising support, brand support and self-serve brand tools to launch like a pro. In exchange, sellers must commit to sell their brand exclusively through Amazon.

Since its launch, Amazon Exclusives has added hundreds of brands selling tens of thousands of items. Within its first year alone, the program grew by 250%.

What Can Amazon Exclusives Do For Me?

The Amazon Exclusives program is designed to give third party sellers an edge with the following perks:

Enhanced Product Visibility

Amazon uses its network to drive traffic directly to Amazon Exclusives listings from within the marketplace and from other sources as well. Sellers can also look forward to having product featured in two Amazon Exclusives high-traffic catalogs. Amazon Exclusives partners can also use full A+ content on their listings. This all works together to help new brands in particular slingshot into prominence.

Brand Protection

Through limited distribution, sellers get better brand protection against counterfeits and unauthorized sellers as their listings and profiles grow. Partnering with Amazon gives them a better idea of the brand, which helps them recognize counterfeits and unauthorized sellers more easily. It also makes the marketplace more likely to take quick action to rectify any infringements.

Access to Professional Help

Amazon provides Amazon Exclusives partners with a dedicated brand advocate within the marketplace as well as direct contact with a Sponsored Ads specialist. Sellers can get help customizing their banner ads and product launches, as well as advice on top of a Video Manager account where they can control the product videos that they want to showcase.

If you are not a high-volume seller, however, you may not get the attention that you expect since these guys are busy juggling several other Amazon Exclusives partners.

Access to Promotions

Members can use Amazon onsite marketing, Deals, Giveaways, email campaigns, and branded content as well as video and additional HTML on listings. They also get free Lightning Deals and an option for Best Deals every month. In addition, the Amazon Exclusives storefront is updated monthly to add themed catalogs, and sellers are offered the opportunity to feature products there.

Access to FBA and Prime

Sellers can use FBA to ensure faster product delivery within two days with Amazon Prime.

What’s the Catch?

Amazon Exclusives Program restrictedTo be a part of Amazon Exclusives, you must first agree to sell your products exclusively through Amazon. You can still sell on your own site – and in physical stores – but not on any other marketplace. In addition, you will be paying an additional 5% on all your sales – including all product that isn’t listed on Amazon Exclusives.

The partnership with Amazon seems to indicate that listing suspension or take-downs won’t be that much of a problem on Amazon Exclusives. We don’t have any proof of this currently, however. What happens if you decide to end your partnership with Amazon is also unclear.

Is Amazon Exclusives Right for Me?

Larger and more established sellers may not see a huge bump in sales from joining Amazon Exclusives. The 5% fee alone would be a huge hurdle to get over before seeing any real profit. From what we’ve seen, smaller sellers with lots of room to grow can expect double their previous sales volume, and perhaps more. These results are not achievable, however, until at least six months with the program.

How Do I Get In?

Only third party sellers can apply for Amazon Exclusives. Here are some additional initial requirements you have to meet for each product that you intend to add to the program:

  • Be a Professional seller in good standing.
  • Be Brand Registered with brand ownership for the product and Enhanced Brand Content on your listing.
  • Use FBA exclusively.
  • Have a Cancellation Rate of 2.5% or below, an Order Defect Rate of 1% or below, and a Late Shipment Rate of 4% or below.

If you meet all these, you can confidently apply for the Amazon Exclusives program. Note, however, that this does not guarantee admission. This is just the bare minimum you need to be considered, and not everyone will be accepted based on this alone. Each of your products will be scrutinized to determine how well they fit into the program’s theme. On your application, make a great pitch about how unique your product – and brand – is, going into detail about features and giving concrete examples of how it’s better for customers and why it’s a good addition to Amazon Exclusives.