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Amazon Aims to Increase Pet Sales

Amazon strives to be Purrfect

If you have a pet then you know how much love, comfort and joy they can bring to our lives. They are irreplaceable and deserve the best care and love that we can provide. Sometimes we can only do so much to return the favor. There is good news for all Amazon customers and their best bud pets! Amazon just came up with an innovative way to appeal to pet owners to help find good deals and shop on their website. This is a great treat for both customers and their pets. Made for those that don’t have the time or energy to spend going around looking for pet care products and accessories.

The online retailer recently had a kick-off with its latest feature that takes shopping to th

e next level. Pet Profiles allows owners to add their furry (or scaly) friends to their very own Amazon profiles.  This will then enable them to find the perfect merchandise. This amazing additional feature is definitely a game-changer for both pet-owning shoppers and online shopping as well.

Let’s take a look and see how it works:

Pet Profiles

Shoppers on Amazon can now create a profile for their pet. This option has included animals like cats, dogs, reptiles, birds, fish, and other animal loves to be listed as customer pets. This newest feature will prompt customers to enter basic yet specific information about their pets. This includes their name, breed, and age. The information is used by the new system to filter out the products that best suit the needs of these pets. Customers will also be given the option to put up a picture of their pet on their profile. If you think about it, that does make it both fun and functional!

After the profile has been set up, the customer will then be directed to their pet’s profile page. On the page is a custom list of purchase suggestions. This is the whole point behind the profile gimmick, to encourage people to buy more stuff for their furry friends.

Customer Bonus

With the new profile comes a special welcome offer from Amazon. Customers get to enjoy exclusive coupons that can be used when making purchases for their pets. This coupon is a one-time 20 percent discount given to Amazon Prime customers to use on their next purchase of pet food following the pet profile creation. This promotion will only be valid for a limited time period of 180 days after the date that the profile was set up. Amazon shoppers may be also glad to know that there are no subscription charges or fees for this feature.

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Special Pet Sales Perks

Prime members can also enjoy exclusive profile-customer-only coupons, once unlocked. Special access to the Amazon Dash Button will also be given. This is a small Wi-Fi connected push button that fits in the palm of your hand and with one push will deliver pre-recorded favorite items straight to their doorsteps. Each button is paired to an item which customers select through the Amazon app on their devices. This is helpful when a pet is running low on food and the customer can’t run to the store to buy more.

In select cities, Amazon Prime members also have the opportunity to get fresh groceries delivered at a time specified to suit their needs. This includes fruits, vegetables, meat and refrigerated meals for pets.

Amazon on Top Again

A recent study shows that Amazon has been winning the online price war with pet merchandize and supplies. In the report shown by Price Wars: A Study of Online Price Competitiveness, it was shown that the prices of Amazon are usually lower by 11 percent when compared to its competitors, Target, Jet, and Walmart. Combined with the new pet feature, Amazon is going to be more popular than ever with pet owners.

Most animal lovers don’t see these wonderful creatures as “just pets” but as part of their family. We all love pampering our loved ones and making sure they are well cared for. This drive will surely win Amazon more pet sales. Amazon took the time to put together this special addition to their site to show once again how much attention they give to their customers. The mere fact that consumers can do this for their pets from the comfort of their own homes definitely eliminates unnecessary hassle. The perk of having a pet profile and automated purchasing is just the icing on the cake.

Amazon shoppers can now let loose and dive into the pet gift section to find the most adorable pet items. Some of these items may be quite difficult to find at other online stores or even in local shops. As Amazon’s catalog expands, consumers have greater access to a wide range of items. Some of the pet sales to be found on the site would even surprise veteran shoppers. The new pet profile feature is a great opportunity for sellers to reach out to this segment with fresh items that customers never even thought existed.

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Julia ValdezAmazon Aims to Increase Pet Sales
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