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There is an overabundance of data on the Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central platform to utilize while managing their Amazon sales channels. But too much data is not necessarily a good thing. With over 100 different reports that can be created between the Amazon platforms, it is easy to get overwhelmed searching for the right report to find just the metric you are looking for. That is why we simplify the Amazon data for all of our clients into easy to understand reports that allow them to make the best decision possible.
Our analytics and reporting team are constantly searching for ways to provide the most relevant and helpful information to our customers. We are always looking to present the information in an easy-to-use format that helps Amazon Sellers benchmark their performance over time, and make the best decisions going forward. We have developed a number of proprietary software programs designed to present data that can be easily digested by clients in weekly and monthly reports. AMZ Advisers also understand that it is important to continually innovate our analytic and reporting capabilities, and that is why we are constantly working on producing new tools to help improve our clients’ performance.

Sales Reporting

Understanding performance and growth on Amazon is usually at the top of every clients’ checklist when it comes to reporting. That is why we have developed, and continue to develop, automated reporting solutions for our clients on both Vendor Central and Seller Central. We focus on the most important data points in these reports and help remove much of the unnecessary data that obfuscates the reporting on the Amazon platforms.
We produce a variety of reports within our Amazon sales reporting functions. Month-to-month comparisons provide clear insights to the overall growth of the account, and help identify issues and opportunities with products. Similarly, quarterly comparisons can allow you to view the growth from a higher perspective. Last Twelve Month (LTM) reports help you to understand the trend performance of your products over a longer time frame. Product Mix reports help you to understand the concentration of your sales better and track changes in your overall Amazon catalog offerings.

Inventory Planning/Forecasting

Managing your inventory is vital to the long-term success of selling on Amazon, and we help our clients by providing easy to understand inventory forecasts. This helps Amazon Sellers maintain the necessary levels of inventory needed to provide continued growth. Running out of inventory is a sure way to stunt the growth of your account and un-due many of the other strategies that we implement as part of working with AMZ Advisers. Our weekly inventory planning report helps clients manage the buying process more easily and is available in multiple formats to allow them to make the best decisions.

Customer Insights

We at AMZ Advisers have been hard at work developing a tool to provide increased insight into who your shoppers are. Amazon has a monopoly on customer data and we believe it is important to help our clients access as much of that data as possible. That is why we have developed an Amazon Customer Demographics reporting tool that provides instant insight to who is actually purchasing your product. This report provides insight into the gender, location, time of day as well as other metrics that are helpful in other marketing efforts.
Understanding who your customers are is the foundation of creating targeted off-platform advertising, crafting marketing messages that capture your audience’s attention, and reduce unnecessary advertising spend. We ensure that each of our customers has a solid understanding of who is purchasing their product by allowing them to view the data by product and time frame through a web-based interface. Our goal is to help our clients succeed – not just on the Amazon marketplace – through every sales channel that helps them grow their business for years to come.

Do You Need Help Understanding Your Amazon Data?

Don’t be overwhelmed by everything that Amazon throws at you. Massive amounts of data can lead to massive amounts of confusion, but they also open up massive opportunities for the Amazon Sellers and Amazon Vendors who can make the most sense out of this data. Let us help you to get a better understanding of what is going on with your Amazon seller account today.

Contact us today if you need help understanding your Amazon data better.

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