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There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of products that are being searched at any given second. Have you ever wondered why certain products tend to come up when you search under particular terms, but products you are already familiar with in that same category seem to be harder to find? This is the world of marketing’s sacred art of content marketing. Content marketing combines keyword analysis, optimization, copy curation and visual media to not only effectively market your product…but also to allow it to rank extremely well in even the most common search results.

It’s not as simple as writing what you think you know about your product. Certain formulas and formats need to be tackled to ensure that your content outperforms the competition. We have been experts in Amazon content marketing, as well as content marketing on other marketplaces, for over half a decade. In that time, we have driven tens of millions of dollars in revenue for our clients. You can be sure that if you look under the under of any one of those clients their products are crafted, organized and marketed with an artisan’s touch. It is this type of attention to the detail that can be the difference in a SKU performing significantly well, nor not at all.

The end user wants to know about your product, and most users will spend only a few seconds reading what you have on offer before they move on. It is the psychology of mastering those first seconds that we are most equipped to handle. It does not matter if all you have are blurry product images and a brief description. We can help turn your product offering war-ready for any marketplaces you want to target.

Video Content

Creating engaging video content that captivates your audience’s attention is the goal of every content marketing project we take on. Each project starts with a client consultation to establish the goals, audience and tone of the content we want to create. We walk our clients through the story board process incorporating their wishes and feedback to create a great piece of video content that can be used for Amazon and their marketing on any channel.

Video content is the best way to engage audiences on social media platforms like Facebook, and utilizing this type of media within your sales funnels can help you educate more consumers about your brand and convert browsers into customers. Amazon also allows Amazon Vendor Central and Seller Central users to upload video content to their listings to help customers learn even more about the product in an easy to digest format. We recommend incorporating video content into every clients content marketing strategy and have the capabilities to help you build exactly what you need.

Our goals in the development phase are to establish the length of the launch, advertising targets, traffic sources, promotions and product optimization. Once these goals are established with our clients, we can create a plan that helps them easily understand what we will be doing. We continue to hold consultations with our clients throughout the development phase so that both sides are in full agreement on what needs to be done.

Imagery and Graphics

Our team at AMZ Advisers has loads of experience in the graphic design and photo editing departments, and we create stunning imagery and graphics for each of our Amazon clients. Every Amazon listing needs to have optimized photos that allow the customers to quickly understand the benefits and features of your product. Creating beautiful and helpful graphics and images is the goal we set for ourselves whenever we optimize an Amazon listing. We continue to incorporate graphic design and image editing into other aspects of our Amazon clients’ accounts through storefronts and Enhanced Brand Content or A+ Detail Pages as well.

Graphic design is a constantly ongoing process with Amazon listings and we make it easy for customers to understand what the priorities are. We explain exactly what our goals are for optimizing the images in their accounts, and set timetables with each client so they can expect when their images will be completed. Making the best photos for our clients is a consultative process and we constantly ask for feedback on the designs throughout the process to ensure that each client is happy with what our team has created.

Written Content

Reaching your customers across a variety of media is key to being successful in the long term. That is why it is important to develop text content just as much video and graphic content. Our focus for creating content is based on two factors: search engine optimization (SEO); and, designing for sales. All of the content that we create for our clients listings utilizes both of these factors to produce results for our clients in the form of increased traffic, customer engagement and, most importantly, sales. We guide customers along the sales journey with easy-to-follow and great-to-enjoy content that keeps them coming back for more.

What is Your Current Marketing Like?

The AMZ Adviser’s content team has every step of the customer experience under control, and always creates the highest quality video, graphic and written content for our clients. Content marketing is an opportunity for your business to build brand recognition and develop a loyal customer base over time. Not focusing on this area is being short-sighted and missing the bigger picture. Let our team at AMZ Advisers help you to create stunning content that will keep your brand growing overtime.

Contact us today if you need better content for your Amazon eCommerce company.

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