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What are Amazon A+ Detail Pages?

What are Amazon A+ Detail Pages?

Vendors have the ability to utilize Amazon A+ Detail pages through the Vendor Central interface. The A+ Detail Pages allow vendors to include extra content in their product listings to help promote their products. This feature is only available to vendors using the Vendor Central interface, and not available to Vendor Express users. The added rich content can make your product standout from your competitions listings, however this option does come at an extra cost to vendors. We recommend the A+ Detail Pages option to many of our vendor clients and help them implement effective rich content into their listings.

What are the benefits of A+ Detail Pages?

In our experience, A+ Detail Pages have helped increase our clients’ sales by 5%-20%. That should be reason enough to consider using these pages in your listings. There are other reasons to consider using A+ Detail Pages as well.

Vendors have the ability to create enhanced product description pages giving them a leg-up on their competition. These pages can be customized with paragraphs, images, charts and other features that make listings pop and provide unique opportunities to connect with customers. This allows the listing to convey a greater sense of value to the customer which can greatly increase customer conversion rates. These pages also allow you add much more text into your listing. These two factors can improve your organic search optimization since conversions rate play an important role in the Amazon algorithm and you are able to index for more keywords.

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We recommend the use of A+ Detail Pages to our Vendor Central clients that are trying to educate the consumer about their product. You may have a product that is a great substitute for a competitor’s product because of its features or ingredients, but the competitor may have more brand recognition in the specific category. An example could be a skin care product that contains additional vitamins or minerals that are beneficial, but absent from the competitor’s product. A+ Detail Pages can also help you build brand awareness.

How do I create A+ Detail Pages?

Amazon currently has two options to create A+ Detail pages; build your own or have them build the page for you. The pricing to have Amazon build the pages varies on what type of premium services you are enrolled in vendor central with. Vendors that sign-up with the basic vendor central package pay $1500 per page. The finished page would apply to parent-child variations and a separate page is not required for each variation. Amazon also will not build pages for certain categories and marketplaces.

Building your own A+ Detail Page is another viable option for many vendors that have in-house design teams. The cost is much less at $600 per page and also applies to all child variations. For vendors that do not have their own in-house design team, creating A+ Detail Pages can be rather time consuming. The A+ Detail Pages are built from modules that will require content to be created, uploaded and arranged to create the page design. We help many of our clients build great converting A+ Detail Pages that will bring them significant sales increases.

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MikeWhat are Amazon A+ Detail Pages?
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