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FBA Fees

2022 FBA Fees

According to Fit Small Business, 91% of Amazon brands use Amazon FBA. This service comes with a referral fee to Amazon, for every item shipped from the warehouse.

And even though COVID-19 restrictions are not making things easier for ecommerce, Amazon FBA continues to achieve great success among shoppers.

So, in order to keep up with inflation and the costs derived from the spike in demand, these are the fees that Amazon sellers will have to defray:

Core FBA Fees

The new Core FBA fees consider dimensional weight for large standard-size units. This metric does not apply to small standard-size units. In this case, Amazon will use the unit weight to calculate fees.

Here are the new core FBA fees:

FBA Core Fees

Note: Lithium battery-powered items incur an extra $0.11 fee.

Apparel Products

Here are the new FBA fees for apparel in the Clothing and Accessories category:

FBA Fees for Apparel Products

Note that oversize apparel tiers (small, large and special) will incur the Core fees.

Small and Light

FBA Small and Light downsizes fulfillment costs for lightweight inventory. The program is eligible for new products with the following terms: 

  • Product measures 18 x 14 x 8 inches (or less)
  • Weight is under 3 lb
  • Price is below $8.00

Here are the standard FBA Small and Light fees for 2022:

Small and Light FBA Fees 2022

As with Core FBA fees, Small and Light rates now consider dimensional weight for large standard sized units. 

Note: FBA Small and Light is not eligible for adult items, dangerous goods, restricted products, or FBA prohibited items. 

Dangerous Goods

Amazon categorizes some items as dangerous or hazmat goods.

These are products that contain elements that make them high-risk.

For example: 

  • Lithium Battery-operated items.  
  • Products with magnetic components
  • Goods containing non-harmful chemicals

Such goods require special handling and storage from Amazon. That’s why the FBA program charges separate fees for hazmat products. 

Here are the new FBA fees for Dangerous products:

FBA fees for Dangerous products

Dimensional Weight

All new FBA Fees consider dimensional weight for large standard sized and oversized units. This is an estimate of a unit’s volume (length x width x height).

To calculate dimensional weight, multiply the package’s volume measures. Then, divide the result by 139. 

Dimensional weight helps rate an item’s size tier, and the shipping weight, to calculate the final FBA fee. 

It’s important that sellers know how to calculate dimensional weight. That way, they can rate their FBA fees to prevent any revenue losses. 

Additional FBA Fees

The retail giant also updated it’s FBA Removal and Disposal Order fees. Here are the new rates for sellers:

FBA Removal and Disposal Order fees

Monthly Storage and Age Inventory Surcharge

There is also a slight increase in the monthly storage fee for FBA Sellers

In February 1, 2002 Amazon increased said fee by:

  • $0.08 per cubic foot for standard-size items
  • $0.05 per cubic foot for oversize goods 

Here’s the full rundown of the new FBA storage fees:

FBA Storage Fees

You should also prepare for a new FBA aged inventory surcharge fee. Amazon will charge $1.50 (per cubic foot) for items stored between 271 and 365 days.  

The new FBA fee is applicable as of May 15, 2022. 

Luckily, there are no changes to Amazon’s long-term storage fee.

The cost remains at $6.90 (per cubic foot) or $0.15 (per unit) for items stored over a year in the warehouse. 

Final Thoughts

Remember, these changes are effective as of January 18, 2022.

Amazon’s success has remained consistent over the last years. However, the retail giant also hit a few bumps. The recent supply chain bottlenecks are an example.

So, it’s no wonder that Amazon FBA operating costs are taking a toll. But, Amazon states that the new FBA fees are 30% cheaper than independent fulfillment options.

The new FBA fees also aim to streamline delivery channels. By doing so, Amazon can keep delivering a stellar shipping service.

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