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Navigating the challenges of paid advertising on Amazon is something that every Amazon Seller and Vendor faces at some point. Utilizing advertising on Amazon can help your brand stand out from your competition, drive additional sales and even help your products rank better on search engine results pages. Developing effective marketing strategies and maximizing your Amazon advertising budget is vital to the long-term success of your brand on Amazon. AMZ Advisers understands the challenges that brands face with Amazon paid advertising and that is why we help every client create a marketing strategy that achieves each clients’ goals, provides the greatest return on investment and increases the visibility of your product to Amazon customers.

Much of the confusion that Amazon Seller and Vendors have simply comes from the variety of advertising platforms that Amazon has created. It is important to understand the differences between Campaign Manager, Amazon DSP and Amazon Media Group. Even beyond that, knowing whether sponsored product ads or product display page ads or headline search ads are the right use of your advertising budget adds more complexity to the equation. We’ve had experience with every type of advertising that Amazon has available. That is why we create custom advertising strategies that clearly meets our clients’ objectives and can be easily followed through to execution.

Campaign Manager

The main advertising platform that Seller Central users have access to is Campaign Manager, which many also refer to as Sponsored Ads or Sponsored Products. Campaign Manager has the ability to run both sponsored product ads and headline search ads. Each campaign type can help achieve different goals for your brand – from specific keyword targeting to maximum visual exposure. An ongoing part of our client relationships is ensuring that our current Campaign Manager campaigns can help achieve the growth our clients are looking for.

We do this through a deep-dive analysis of the clients’ current data points to determine where to focus the advertising spend, what types of campaigns to use and what type of targeting strategy is best. We currently manage over $1,000,000 of monthly advertising spend that generates greater than $8,000,000 in advertising sales each month. Every client Seller Central Account provides new advertising challenges and we are always looking forward to finding the best solutions.

Amazon DSP

The Amazon Demand Side Platform, or DSP, is typically the advertising platform utilized by Amazon Vendors and publishers. This platform was formerly known as Amazon Marketing Services and has many of the same features as Campaign Manager – however it also provides the chance to run product display ads allowing you to target specific ASINs you want your ads to show up on. The strategies of advertising on Amazon DSP are similar to Campaign Manager, but the outcomes are even more important to Amazon Vendors as selling wholesale to Amazon reduces their profit margins further. We at AMZ Advisers have extensive experience in helping vendors as large as Fortune 50 companies manage effective and successful advertising campaigns on the Amazon DSP platform.

Amazon DSP also allows Amazon Vendors to create unique storefronts to act as landing pages for many of their products. Storefronts are only available to brand registered Sellers, however any Vendor has the ability to create an attractive and engaging landing page that allows them to highlight their company, brand and products to consumers. Another benefit of storefronts is additional advertising insight that helps you to track conversions from different traffic sources. Using a storefront can help you measure the success of your off-Amazon advertising efforts, and is something we look to implement with every client we work with.

Amazon Media Group

Brands that sell on Amazon also have the ability to utilize Amazon Media Group – a high end solution that requires budgets starting at $35,000. Every client that utilizes Amazon Media Group is given an Amazon consultant to help them understand how the platform works and to help them create an advertising strategy that meets their needs. AMZ Advisers acts as a contact point for Amazon Media group and helps brand owners navigate the different advertising options presented to them. We have successfully helped our largest clients work with Amazon Media Group to create display and video ads for third party networks that help our clients maximize their sales.

Finding the Right Solutions for You

Advertising on Amazon is key to growing your presence and brand awareness. Effective advertising will position your products in front of as many consumers as possible, improve the organic ranking of your products over time and fully utilize your advertising budgets in the best way possible. Working with an experience advertising firm like AMZ Advisers can be the leg up you need to stand out from the crowd.

Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about how we can help you advertise on Amazon.

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