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Amazon Prime Day 2023 will fall on July 11-12, and sellers should be getting ready for the big day. This yearly event is a great opportunity for businesses to not only boost sales in 48 hours, but also to increase their brand awareness among Amazon customers. 

However, if you want to achieve these goals, you need to prepare your best deals and craft the ideal storefront to make the most of Amazon Prime Day 2023. 


What is Amazon Prime Day? 


Amazon Prime Day is a two-day online event that focuses on delighting Prime members. It first appeared back in July 2015 as Amazon’s way of celebrating its 20th anniversary. 

Now, Amazon Prime Day is a highly anticipated event for both Amazon sellers and customers. During this 48-hour sale, Prime members enjoy unique discounts and 2-day delivery with their orders. 

Over the years, some of the main dynamics of Prime Day have changed. For example, the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the big sale until October 13-14. And last year, Amazon decided to celebrate a second Prime Day. It’s unclear whether this will also be a yearly occurrence. 


When is Amazon Prime Day 2023? 


The next Amazon Prime Day is set for July 11-12 2023. Prime subscribers will have access to exclusive deals from different brands across Amazon. There’s no code or affiliate link required. Members only need to log into their accounts to enjoy exclusive deals. 

Amazon Prime members will be waiting for Amazon Prime Day with strong expectations, but sellers should be doing that too. The marketplaces will be crowded with engaging users ready to jump on good deals. 

Any subscriber who has their attention on your products will expect a promising deal. So, it’s time to give them the chance to push the “Add to cart” button. 

But how can sellers encourage them to do that? Let’s talk about how brands can get ready for Amazon Prime Day 2023. 


How to Prepare for the Next Amazon Prime Day


From big companies to small entrepreneurs, any merchant can participate in Amazon Prime Day sales. All it takes is the right approach and using the following tips to maximize sales.


Stay in Tune with Customers’ Needs


If you want to get noticed on Amazon, you’ll need to offer customers what they want. It’s not enough to just launch an offer. The key is to tailor each deal using the Prime term as much as you can. Remember, people love exclusive deals.

Try to embed Amazon Prime-related keywords into your product listings. Do so in an organic way and without abandoning your standard Amazon SEO practices.


Polish your Backend Processes


It’s not enough to have the best deals, you also need to achieve exceptional execution.

When it comes to time-sensitive deals, it’s essential to have the backend of your store ready to support a successful sales strategy. Here’s how to do so: 

  • Make sure that technical details such as customer service and shipping process are as efficient as possible. 
  • Store enough inventory to meet short-term demand, without running out of stock. 

There’s nothing worse for a seller than running out products in the middle of Prime Day. So be sure to stock up on your best-selling items before the big date.

If you take care of these details, you’ll offer a positive selling experience to customers. This can lead to nurturing long-term relationships, good reviews and even referrals.


Learn from Past Amazon Prime Day Sales


When preparing the best strategy, nothing works as well as relying on facts. 

Look for the most successful deals from previous Amazon Prime Days. Try to understand why they worked and how they were crafted. 

Keep track of sellers within your industry or product category who have had substantial success on previous Prime Days – as they are clearly getting something right!

Then, make a list of common factors among those successful deals, and use the data to improve your own sales.


Launch your best offers


Crafting the best offers requires a strategic approach that focuses on creating value for customers. Here are a few strategies to consider: 

  • Create bundle deals that combine complementary products and provide greater value for money.
  • Offer free gifts with a purchase. For example, samples of related products or limited-edition items. This can incentivize customers to buy, while also creating a positive impression of your brand.
  • Entice sales with deeper discounts for higher quantity orders. This can encourage customers to buy in bulk and increase your overall sales volume.

To make your offers even more compelling, highlight your products’ unique features or benefits. For example, sustainability, durability, or customization options. This tactic can set your deals apart from the competition.


Optimize Your Storefront


To maximize your sales potential it’s crucial to optimize your product listings. This involves identifying relevant keywords and incorporating them into your product titles and descriptions.

By doing so, your products will have a better chance of appearing in relevant Amazon search results, increasing your visibility.

It’s also crucial that you include high-quality images in your product listings. Customers rely heavily on visuals when making purchasing decisions. So, featuring clear and attractive images can make all the difference. 

Detailed descriptions that highlight key features and benefits can also help potential customers understand the value of your product and make an informed decision.


Stay on Top of Your Game


FBA sellers enjoy automatic access to Amazon Prime. These brands have access to Amazon’s logistics machine, so they’ll have little problem fulfilling customer’s expectations on service and deliveries. 

However, brands enrolled in Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) can also take advantage of the big day. 

The SFP badge means that Amazon trusts sellers enough to participate in Prime Day. Such brands can fulfill orders from their own warehouses, using fast and reliable shipping options that are suitable for Amazon Prime. 

Plus, both FBA and SFP sellers can showcase the Prime Badge in their exclusive deals. 


Final Thoughts


Get ready for July 11-12! Amazon Prime Day 2023 is set to be another huge event for both shoppers and sellers. With the continued growth of e-commerce, Prime Day offers a great opportunity to drive sales and attract new customers. 

To prepare for the event, focus on optimizing your product listings, offer competitive prices, and use Amazon’s various marketing tools. By taking a thoughtful approach to crafting your offers, you can create value and stand out from the competition during Amazon Prime Day 2023.



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