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Bringing new products to the market on Amazon and making them successful takes a bold strategy that covers two bases: optimizing the product listing, and; building up a sales history quickly. A good product launch strategy needs to be created with the Amazon A9 algorithm in mind. Making the jump from zero sales history to a solid foundation is the challenge many Amazon Sellers and Vendors fail to navigate successfully. You need to design your Amazon product launch to maximize the number of sales in as short a time as possible to boost your impressions, clicks and sales – and build listings optimized to convert Amazon shoppers to customers.

The AMZ Advisers’ vast experience in listing optimization, advertising and marketing strategies allows us to build powerful launch strategies for our clients without costing them unnecessary profits. We help our clients create an easy to execute game plan that utilizes both on and off platform strategies. Each and every client has unique opportunities and resources to help in their product launch, and we try to learn as much about our clients’ existing marketing assets prior to the product launch. This allows us to maximize our efforts, reduce unnecessary product losses and get your products selling at their full potential sooner.


The strategy development period is when we really get to know and understand our clients, their businesses and what is most important to them. A product launch strategy requires initially selling products at a below MSRP price over an-extended period of time – which can mean that you may be breaking even or even slightly losing money for a while. That’s difficult for many Amazon Sellers to swallow and it’s important that our strategies do not put an excessive burden on our clients.

Our goals in the development phase are to establish the length of the launch, advertising targets, traffic sources, promotions and product optimization. Once these goals are established with our clients, we can create a plan that helps them easily understand what we will be doing. We continue to hold consultations with our clients throughout the development phase so that both sides are in full agreement on what needs to be done.


Depending on the resources that we will be using for the launch, we work with our clients to set up the full strategy on and off the Amazon platform. Everything involving the Amazon platform is set up by our marketing teams including advertising, promotions, pricing and quantity restrictions after we have fully optimized the product listings. We also have the capabilities and partnerships to help with off-platform implementations if your internal team cannot implement the strategies themselves.


We work with our clients to ensure that the full product launch strategy goes off without a hitch. All of the promotions, advertising and pricing that is set up ahead of time will go into effect simultaneously ensuring that your launch will work to maximum efficiency. We help our clients monitor the results of the product launch by checking placement on search engine results pages and measuring the keyword indexing improvements from before launch to after. Our goals are to help your products become the top ranked product in our category, and we will help guide your company through the entire process.

Do You Know How to Launch Products on Amazon?

Product launches can be the difference between your product capturing its fair share of the market, or languishing lost in search engine results pages. We make it easy to understand every step behind a product launch and help you execute through the entire process. Don’t waste your time and products trying things that will not work. Let us help you get your products to the top of search engine results pages on Amazon.

Contact us today if you need help launching your products on Amazon.

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