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Utilizing the promotion features of Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central properly can lead to massive up-ticks in your annual sales. Taking advantage of Amazon two busiest times of the year – Prime Day and the Christmas season – by implanting a promotional strategy designed to boost sales and organic search ranking can set your products up for continual sales growth in the months following. However, there is a delicate balance between maximizing organic sales on Amazon through running promotions and giving away too much profit unnecessarily.

Our Amazon management teams have loads of experience identifying promotional opportunities, setting promotional targets and objectives, and fully implanting strategies that will lead to increased sales – not only during the busy period, but all year round. AMZ Adviser’s extensive experience and in-depth analyses of your account will highlight hidden opportunities in your product catalog that you may not have considered before. But most importantly, our knowledge of the Amazon algorithm and promotional strategies allows us to implement effective promotional marketing campaigns that minimize lost profit and maximize sales growth.


Coupons on Amazon Vendor Central and Amazon Seller Central provide unique opportunities to attract customers to your listings. Coupons provide increased visibility on the Amazon platform and help your products become more visible to shoppers browsing for products. A coupon provides a clear signal of savings on search result pages and can attract budget conscious shoppers searching in your market. This can lead to an increase in purchases and an indication to the Amazon A9 algorithm that your product is relevant for a search term.

Increasing purchases is always great, but misusing coupons can cost you unnecessary profits, cheapen your brand or, worse yet, lead to problems directly with Amazon for attempting to influence the algorithm too much. That’s why it is important to understand the right opportunities to implement coupons. We have seen the benefits that Amazon coupons can have on an account when used properly and they are incredible – including up to 300% growth in months from finding a hidden opportunity sitting in plan sight. When we develop a promotional strategy for our clients, we make sure to include coupons as part of our marketing efforts, clearly explaining the benefits and reason behind our thinking for the promotional suggestion.

Early Reviewer Program (ERP)

The Early Reviewer Program is not a very well-kept secret on Amazon and is clearly displayed within the Amazon advertising section on Amazon Seller Central. However, it always surprises us how few Sellers use the program when launching new products. Getting reviews for Amazon has become a particularly tough challenge and there are not many options that fall with Amazon’s Terms of Service. ERP should be a vital part of any product launch or something to go back and implement if your product is still eligible.

For $60, the Early Reviewer program will automatically email customers who have purchased your product and ask the customers for a review. They will continue to do so until your product has 5 reviews or until 1 year has passed since you enrolled that specific product. Better yet the charge does not occur until your first review has been received so this also reduces the burden of the initial up-front cost. We always recommend to our clients to enroll their products in this program to gain additional social proof for Amazon products. Straying outside Amazon’s Terms of Service can jeopardize the entire sales channel for you and create an unnecessary risk.

Lightning Deals

This type of promotion is available to both Amazon Sellers and Vendors and can be a great idea for brands looking to off-load large quantities of inventory and dramatically increase product sales history. A Lightning deal promotion is an expiring offer on Amazon that allows shoppers to purchase a limited quantity of your product at a larger discount than normal. The downside of running lightning deals is certainly that it requires you to give away a large portion of your profit as a discount to be eligible. However, the upside is that the large jump in sales can have a significant impact on your products’ organic ranking.

We typically only recommend these promotions to high sales volume clients due to the costs and inventory required to implement them. Amazon charges fees for lightning deals on the Seller Central side which can sometimes be especially hard for lower volume sellers to handle. The fees can rise as high as $750 during the high sales periods and at that point the cost will essentially wipe out any value gained from running the promotion. We consider all options when we are constructing a promotional strategy for our clients including lightning deals because we’ve seen ourselves how the right deal can lead to $30,000+ in sales in a single day.


The promotions sections on Amazon Seller Central also provides great tools to boost your product sales and achieve specific objectives. During our analysis of your data we search for opportunities where certain promotions can benefit your account. We also constantly have a dialog with our clients to learn more what their objectives are for their catalog so we can cater the strategy around those goals. Promotions can be extremely valuable for increasing order value, implementing off-platform advertising or even to just thank a loyal customer. Rest assured that AMZ Advisers searches for every possible opportunity while we construct our promotion strategies to find the best options for each seller.

Are You Utilizing Promotions Correctly?

Amazon has so many opportunities lying in plain sight if you know what you are looking for. Our strategists and account managers have a combined 20+ years of selling on Amazon and bring that knowledge to every client consultation to provide the best advice. We will develop the perfect promotional strategy that complements your Amazon goals and does not leave you out of pocket for unnecessary giveaways.

Contact us today if you need help formulating better promotional strategies to grow your Amazon account.

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