Understanding the Amazon Sales Funnel is the Key to Making Amazon Work for Your Brand

Many brands are hesitant to seriously invest into Amazon – as they fear it ‘cheapens’ their brand. But Amazon is the first place most customers go shopping – so by not being there and not investing in the sales channel you risk churning customers, giving up branded search volume to competitors, and not reaching new customers.

Do you want to know how to make the most out of Amazon? Download or keep reading below to understand how to build a your sales funnel on Amazon that can help your brand grow faster

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Common Mistakes that Lead to Amazon Failures


What Does Lost Amazon Opportunity Look like?

Our client had built a great off-platform brand, but had never taken Amazon seriously. 

This allowed a competitor to build an Amazon native brand off the back of their branded search terms.

Skin Deep and its products generated over 40,000 monthly searches – and all of their sales went to a competitor by not being on Amazon.

A Small Investment A Big Change

Make Your Products Look Good

Investing in your Amazon content, and creating a consistent branding experience across your products – and other sales channels like your website – will help convert customers. SEO content helps maximize your products’ discoverability on Amazon. Product images help call out the main benefits to potential customers and help to increase conversions. A+ content allows consumers to learn more about your brand, and have been shown to increase conversion rates between 5%-13% 

SEO Content

Product Images

A+ Content

Make Amazon Start Working for You

The Amazon Flywheel is the concept of maximizing your growth on the platform by leveraging advertising to increase organic visibility. It starts with your content – and continues in a continuous circle that leads to more and more sales for your brand. 

Amazon flywheel effect

Building Your Amazon Sales Funnel

Building the Amazon sales funnel requires utilizing all of Amazon’s ad supply – as well as unique product listing and merchandising features.

The end goal is to guide your customer through their shopping journey, by reaching them in the awareness, consideration and finally decision phases. This can be accomplished by using Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display.

What we always recommend is building from the bottom up – foucsing on conversions in the decision phase. This will lead to an immediate ROI, and justify more investment in the ad platform. 

If you want the exact ad strategy that we recomend implementing, click below to download it.


sales funnel

Coming Full Circle with Amazon DSP

DSP allows you to leverage all of your customer insights to create powerful advertising campaigns that can help you reach new customers

With DSP You Can:

Most Importantly – DSP allows you to send traffic to Amazon listings or YOUR OWN WEBSITE

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