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The Amazon marketplace functions similarly to search engines like Google and Bing in that it utilizes an algorithm to rank products on the website. The name of that algorithm is A9 and Amazon is constantly making adjustments to the algorithm to provide the best results to Amazon shoppers. As the A9 website states:

“One of A9’s tenets is that relevance is in the eye of the customer and we strive to get the best results for our users. Once we determine which items are good matches to customer’s query, our ranking algorithms score them to present the most relevant results to the user.”

The quote essentially explains how the process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works on the Amazon platform. Amazon cares about its customers, and as a result its goal is to put the most relevant products related to the keyword they search in front of them. The key concept here is product relevancy, and signaling product relevancy for a specific keyword is exactly how you get your listings to show up first. We at AMZ Advisers have a deep understanding of how A9 works and how we can help signal relevancy to the algorithm. Our goal is to optimize every client listing to make it the most relevant for the algorithm and allows our clients to maximize their organic sales over time.

Keyword Research

In-depth keyword research is the starting point for optimizing any Amazon listing. We thoroughly analysis the competition to compile lists of possible keywords utilizing different techniques, and then cross reference the lists to determine what keywords are the most relevant for each product listing. Our research is performed using techniques that we have developed and tested overtime to determine the best possible keyword outcomes. Since it’s founding, AMZ Advisers has optimized over 500,000 listings and this partnered with our analytic capabilities has helped us established best practices for performing keyword research.

During the entire optimization process we are fully transparent with our clients. We provide each client with a backup copy of their existing content in any instance that they wish to revert back to in the future, a full copy of all the keyword research we have performed and a detailed section of what keywords we have determined are the best to target. Listing optimization is a consultative process and it is important to be able to explain our logic to our customers so that they can see the big picture of what is involved in optimization. The keywords that we agree to target are then used to create the Amazon SEO content needed to rank in the A9 algorithm.


Our dedicated team of in-house copywriters will take the keyword research that is provided and utilize it to create high-quality sales copy for the product title, bullet points and product description. We only hire the most experience sales copy writers to create great content that is not only relevant to the A9 algorithm, but also compels shoppers to purchase the product. Keywords alone do not signal relevancy to the Amazon algorithm – sales and conversions are just if not more important than the keywords you are using in your listing. Creating high density keyword content will do nothing if the consumer does not actually care to try your product.

Each listing is reviewed by our editorial team to ensure proper punctuation, grammar and structure is utilized to make every listing flow smoothly from the title down to the product description. We ensure that every Amazon listing is optimized for SEO and avoid common, and erroneous, practices of keyword stuffing. We are continuously in contact with our clients to get their approval for each optimized listing and enjoy getting their feedback, and picking their brains for unique product features or attributes that can help us create even better content.

Keyword Placement

The locations of the keywords within the optimized listing also has an impact on the indexing within the Amazon algorithm. Similar to how we identify what the top keywords are for your listings, we likewise identify where the top keywords need to go within the listing to ensure that they are picked up in the best way by the Amazon A9 algorithm. SEO for Amazon is multifaceted in that it requires knowledge of how to perform effective keyword research and balance that with great sales copy. Combining that with the proper keyword placement in the different content fields can lead to increased sales and conversions, and provide your product with incredible organic search results visibility.

Split Testing

Continually reviewing the performance history and looking for opportunities to improve is part of every client relationship. We analyze client performance on a daily basis, and actively look for instances where products are underperforming or not growing as much as we expect. This could require split testing different copy or keywords, even focusing more of our promotional and advertising efforts to give the listing the boost it needs. At AMZ Advisers, we look to constantly be providing growth for our clients and we will do everything within our power to make your products successful on the Amazon platform.

Are You Writing Your Own Content?

An in-depth knowledge of the A9 Algorithm is incredibly valuable when it comes to creating content that sells on Amazon. Utilizing proper keyword research sets your products up for success, but without convincing sales copy that engages Amazon customers you will not be able to follow through with the conversions you need to move up the sales rankings. Let us help you create incredible Amazon SEO content that will get your products moving up search engine results pages immediately.

Contact us today if you need help creating better SEO content for Amazon.

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