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Most of us are guilty of hoarding stuff. Sometimes due to nostalgia and sentimental value; but mostly due to the rapid technological turnover and innovation of our time, which quickly renders our beloved gadgets obsolete. Luckily, Amazon is here to the rescue, offering incentives and a streamlined process to help you get some value for your vintage gadgets with Amazon Trade In.

What Is Amazon Trade In?

This program allows you to receive an Amazon Gift Card in exchange for thousands of eligible items, including:

-Amazon devices,


-books, and


During the submission process, you will be prompted to answer questions about the condition of your items. These are some of the guidelines your items must meet in order to be accepted for trade in:


Functions perfectly

No cracks or major damage


Functions perfectly

Includes accessories (controllers, cables)

No cracks or major damage

Bundles must include games and accessories


All discs/cartridges are included

Game plays perfectly

No cracks or major scratches

The items you submit for trade-in are subject to acceptance by Amazon and may be purchased by them or by a 3P seller participating in the Program.

The Gift Card(s) will be deposited directly into your account.

Note: Gift Cards are subject to the Gift Card Terms & Conditions.

Also, you need to make sure you are not selling counterfeited products or stolen items. Amazon may use a stolen goods database to determine if submitted the items were ever reported stolen.

Amazon Trade In: How Does It Work?

The process is pretty straightforward and convenient–with an immediate offer and free shipping.

Without further ado, let us show you how to get started.

First, you need to make sure that the items you plan to sell are listed in the Trade-In Store.

Otherwise, the “Currently unavailable to trade in” legend will appear on the Amazon search when you type the word of the item.

If you DO find your item on the Amazon search, the yellow “Trade in this item” button will appear along with an offer.

Once you click on the “Trade in this item” button, you will be redirected to a new page in which you will have to select the condition of your item based on the criteria listed.

After answering the questions about the condition of your item, you will receive a quoted trade-in value as well as free shipping for your trade-in submission.

Your item must exactly match the product you are trading in against. If the product does not exactly match the item you wish to trade in, you can try searching for it again.

Now, you’ll have to select an address to use for your pre-paid shipping label as well as for any returned or rejected items, at no additional shipping cost. PO boxes, APO/FPO addresses are not eligible.

To add more items, search for more items to trade in. Follow the on-screen instructions, and click Confirm Trade-In to print your prepaid UPS shipping label. Finally, ship your items by the date indicated.

Source: Amazon

Amazon Trade-In Value

The marketplace cannot confirm the trade-in value (TIV) of an item until they receive your trade-in since some items in their catalog may display an inaccurate price.

Amazon specifies:

 “If the correct TIV of an item is lower than the stated TIV, we may, at our discretion, either contact you for instructions on whether you wish to submit the trade-in at the correct TIV or cancel your trade-in and notify you of such cancellation. If your trade-in is cancelled due to an incorrect TIV, we will return the item to you at no additional cost. You will not receive any payment for the returned item.”

Source: Amazon

Shipping Your Order

You can print your shipping label(s) from either your confirmation e-mail or from within your Trade-in Account. Make sure you don’t include items from other trade-in orders in the same package when shipping multiple trade-in orders.

Each shipping label and packing slip is uniquely assigned to a specific trade-in item.

You have 7 days to ship your items for the following categories:

  • Books,
  • Textbooks,
  • Cell Phones,
  • Video Games,
  • Consoles, and
  • Accessories

For Electronics (excluding cell phones) and for any submission containing items from the above categories, you have 14 days to ship your items.

Follow these steps to ship your item(s) by the date specified on the shipping label:

To re-print your shipping label:

  1. Go to Your Trade-in Account
  2. Find your trade-in order and click Re-print Shipping Label
  3. Print label and packing slip, insert the packing slip into the box, attach return label to box and ship.

To print multiple shipping labels (in the event your trade-in items do not fit in a single box):

  1. Go to Your Trade-in Account
  2. Find your trade-in order and click Re-print shipping label
  3. Click Need another shipping label?
  4. Click the Print Shipping Label button for the quantity you need.
  5. Print labels and packing slips, insert the packing slips into the boxes, attach the return label to box and ship. To ensure successful processing, confirm the item in the box matches the packing slip.

Source: Amazon

Bear in mind that you must back up all the personal data on your devices before shipping. If Amazon receives your items with on-device storage, they will have it wiped upon inspection. Plus, if a SIM card or similar data storage is discovered in a device, it will be destroyed.

Terms and Conditions

As you can see, the item-submission process is quite easy. However, like all things in business and life, you must abide by a series of Terms and Conditions in order to be rewarded.

To put it briefly, this is what you should look into before submitting your items for trade in:

* Each trade-in order is limited to a maximum value of $1800. If you want to trade in items with a value greater than $1800, you must make multiple trade-in orders.

* Items you submit for trade-in through the Program must be shipped only from the United States, and you must have a physical address located in the United States. Products shipped from outside the United States may not be accepted or returned.

* You must unlock or deregister any devices submitted for trade-in from cloud services prior to shipping the device. For instructions on how to unlock or deregister your device, please visit Unlock or Deregister Your Device for Trade-In.

Source: Amazon

Cancellation and Changes

Once your trade-in has been submitted, it can’t be changed. However, you can cancel it and resubmit another trade-in. If you already submitted your trade-in, and prior to sending your items to Amazon you decide to send only a few items from the order, you’ll be paid for the items received and the rest will be marked as “missing”, provided that they were accepted after appraisal.

To cancel your trade-in, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Your Trade-In Account.
  2. Click Cancel Order under the trade-in order number.

Note:  If you have received an Instant Payment for canceled submissions, please review the Amazon Trade-In Terms & Conditions. Note that you won’t be able to cancel trade-in submissions  after they’ve been received.

We bet you didn’t know Amazon would be interested in buying your vintage items. Now, it will be a lot easier for you to declutter your attic, knowing that Amazon is willing to give you money for your old stuff.

Take advantage of this program and get ready to make some extra cash today.

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