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Analysis & Reporting

Our proprietary Analysis and Reporting Software are the key drivers behind the most innovative and modern strategies that we’ve implemented for over 300 brands on the Amazon Marketplace.

Listing Analysis

We’ve analyzed over 25,000 Amazon listings since we started, which has taught us the key features that will help your listing gain ranking on Amazon and drive more conversions.

During our Listing Analysis, we’ll look at and grade the different pieces of your listing including your Listing Copy,Gallery Photo Design, A+ Content, Advertising Placement, and Overall Listing Assessment.  Our Listing Analysis Report will not only score your listing, but more importantly it will provide actionable recommendations for improvements.


Brand Analysis

Having worked with over 500 brands in the last seven years, we’ve had access to an incredible amount of data. 

After analyzing this much data, it’s easy for us to understand why a brand is having success on Amazon and why they’re not.  As part of this process, we will look at and rate your overall brand by analyzing the Written Content, Design Elements, Advertising Strategy, Branding Placement, and Market Opportunity.  This will help you better understand what you need to do moving forward to be successful on the Amazon platform.


Market/Competitive Analysis

For seven years we have been creating comprehensive market and competitive landscape analyses for our clients so we can understand our markets and build winning strategies for our clients.

These analyses have been crucial in creating over 150 seven figure businesses and beyond for our clients.

The feedback on these analyses have been great from clients so we’ve recently decided to bring them to market as a one off service for any company looking to gain more knowledge on their market so they can develop data driven strategies on Amazon.


HighBeam Analytics

HighBeam provides powerful predictive analytics designed for ecommerce retailers. 

Many e-retailers are overwhelmed with systems and data, and yet are still seeking the right information to make best decisions.  HighBeam has created an organized way for companies to know what is selling today and what you will be selling tomorrow so you market to your best customers. The system also provides purchase and inventory information so you always have inventory to sell, but never overbuy and run short of cash.

HighBeam has integrations with Account software like Quickbooks/Xero/Netsuite along with eCommerce marketplaces including Shopify and Amazon. HighBeam allows you to make better decisions on Cash Flow/Credit, Inventory Purchasing and Planning, Advertising and Promotional Quarterly Planning and Sales Forecasting.