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Amazon GS1 Barcode Requirements

Selling on Amazon

Selling on Amazon
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What is Amazon Local Selling?

The retail giant launched Amazon Local Selling back in October 2021. This service allows merchants to offer in-store product pickups and fast local deliveries. Thanks

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Amazon Marketplace
Julia Valdez

How to Use Amazon Transparency

Amazon Transparency is the retail giant’s answer to counterfeit products. The program was launched in March 2017 to protect Amazon’s products and labels in the

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Amazon GS1 Barcode Requirements

Amazon GS1 Barcodes shouldn’t be foreign to you, since the marketplace only accepts this code. It’s a standard for Universal Product Codes (UPCs), which are the barcodes used within the supply chain. Amazon updated their GS1 barcode policy back in 2016. However, the marketplace wasn’t too strict about it until 2018. Since then, brands have …

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Amazon Vendor vs Seller – What’s the difference?

Still thinking about the Amazon vendor vs seller debate?  A Vendor at Amazon is very different from a Seller. The key difference lies in control, and how much you want of it. Sellers have more control over the entire selling process. In contrast, vendors have Amazon call all the shots. That’s why so many brands …

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How to Profit from the 2023 Amazon Spring Sale

Springtime is upon us, and so is the 2023 Amazon spring sale! This is a time filled with unique dates, each representing a chance to attract customers and drive your Q2 revenue goals. Below, we list the key events that comprise the Amazon spring calendar. Plus, we’ll also share a few tips that will help …

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