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During the first two months of 2020, retail and foodservice sales increased up to 6.5% year-over-year. Amid the economic crisis Read more

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warehouse inventory
Running out of inventory on Amazon means losing sales, losing Amazon search ranking and losing against the competition. To prevent Read more
The world was wowed and Google and Facebook took pause when Amazon announced early in 2018 that you could scale Read more
360 Spin Images
Amazon has launched a new feature in a bid to boost the sales of its online sellers through their product Read more
How to Compete with Amazon’s Private Label Brands
Private labeling has been a grand opportunity for sellers on the Amazon marketplace. This business model allows sellers to develop Read more
Amazon Attribution enables on-demand access to conversion reporting and allows advertisers to have a greater insight into how customers behave Read more
market share
Measuring your market share on Amazon isn’t as simple as looking at your sales growth versus total market growth. If Read more
Amazon Portfolio Manage Advertising
In mid-December 2018, Amazon Advertising announced Amazon Portfolio as the new organizational tool for Sponsored Ads campaigns. Amazon Portfolio was Read more
What is Amazon Pay
After all the marketplace has accomplished, what’s left for Amazon to do? Amazon Pay, that’s what. After bursting into the Read more
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