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Viral Launch Review, Pricing, and Recommendations [2020]

Every Amazon seller faces the challenge of getting new products to sell on the platform. Getting the initial sales for your product and starting to index for keywords on the platform is one of the largest obstacles that new products face. The process of getting those initial sales has changed over time. However, the concept of creating a product launch is something that every Amazon seller still follows.

One way that many sellers previously launched their products was using a service called Viral Launch. Viral Launch has evolved over time to be more than just a product launch platform, and now offers their own suite of tools to help Amazon sellers on the platform.

We’re going to take a look at what Viral Launch does, how it works, its features, pricing, and our review and recommendation of the product. We are also going to look at both their product launch service, which has changed over time, and the new software suite that they are offering.

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MikeViral Launch Review, Pricing, and Recommendations [2020]

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