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AMZ Tracker Product Review, Pricing, and Recommendations [2020]

AMZ tracker is an established software in the Amazon space. The product has been around for years and has been affected by Amazon’s changes to their incentivized review policy. Product is not designed to help customers with product research, but primarily for existing Amazon sellers that want to track how their listings are performing.

It has various different features; however, the primary reason to use the product is for a tracking listing performance and getting promotional sales for your product. Previously, the product was known for helping customers get reviews for their products on Amazon by exchanging a free unit for a review by a customer.

We’re going to take a look at some of the features of AMZ tracker, the issues with the product and its current state, what the customers say about the product, and finally, our recommendation of the product.

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MikeAMZ Tracker Product Review, Pricing, and Recommendations [2020]

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