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Feedback Genius Review, Pricing, and Recommendations [2020]

Our job at AMZ Advisers is to help our clients stand out from the rest of the crowd. Part of the way we do that is by getting them the most reviews and visibility on the Amazon platform. Although it is more challenging now to get reviews on Amazon than ever before, there are some basic tools that we use to help our clients get as much ‘social proof’ as we can for their listings.

One of the tools that we use is Feedback Genius and we’ve been using this tool since we first started selling on Amazon. It is a product that our entire team is familiar with and that we use regularly with our clients to help maximize the reviews on their product listings.

We are going to take a look at what Feedback Genius does, how Feedback Genius works,  Feedback Genius’s features, pricing, and we’ll provide our recommendations and feedback on what we like and don’t like about the product.

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MikeFeedback Genius Review, Pricing, and Recommendations [2020]

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