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Getting Started with Selling on Amazon

E-Commerce Made Easy

Ecommerce. One of the top catch-phrases of the internet era. Most people hear this term and think that they could never do it. Or it takes too much time. Or whatever their excuse may be. I’m here to tell you that ecommerce is easy and anyone could start making boatloads of money through the internet today. The opportunity is almost unlimited…to the individuals that decide to take action. Taking action does not need to be some incredibly over-the-top business plan requiring you to drive massive amount of traffic to your website. You can become an ecommerce professional today and start making money quickly by following what we did. I’m talking about selling on Amazon.

We started out as ecommerce entrepreneurs by selling on Amazon and you can do the same. Our goal is to help our readers achieve success on Amazon and we will be teaching you exactly how you can make money – enough to support yourself – by selling on Amazon. But, before we get there… why Amazon?

Amazon Market Size

The most rapidly growing eCommerce platform by far is Amazon has grown into an ecommerce marketplace where millions of shoppers can buy from an almost unlimited amount of merchants., and its foreign website, presents entrepreneurs and businesses with an incredible opportunity to reach massive audiences. And the number of users will only continue to grow.

In April 2014, Amazon had 244 million active users. Amazon Prime, Amazon’s $99 per year customer loyalty program, had 54 million users as of January 2016 – a 35% increase from the same time last year. It’s estimated that 44% of buyers now use Amazon as their primary search engine for finding products in place of traditional search engines like Google and Bing. And while Amazon in the USA is by far the largest Amazon marketplace, they continue to expand internationally and have a presence in 13 other countries. What does all this mean???

You’re missing a massive opportunity if you are not selling your products on Amazon!!!

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Selling on Amazon

There is lot of flexibility for businesses to sell their products. Amazon provides different options for merchants to sell on the platform; each with its own pros and cons. The first is the traditional Fulfillment by Merchant where orders come into Amazon, the retailer receives the order and ships out the product to the customer. This is how orders would be fulfilled on eBay or on a company website. The pros of this model are that Amazon charges a flat referral fee and does not collect additional fees. The cons are that this leaves the retailer responsible for shipping, returns and customer service – a daunting task for entrepreneurs starting out.

The next selling option is to utilize Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). In this business model the retailer ships their goods to one of numerous Amazon warehouses across the country and Amazon takes it from there. What does that mean? Well, it means that Amazon will handle all the customer service and logistics for the seller. This allows the retailer to focus on other aspects of growing their business! The downside is that Amazon takes more fees for doing all the work, but a sale is a sale and 1000s of merchants are currently using this platform to make massive amounts of monthly revenue!!

The last option is really more for established businesses, but it can certainly be obtainable for the right entrepreneur trying to scale their business in the future. Why do I say future? Because Amazon Vendor Express is an invitation-only program where you sell your products directly to Amazon and they handle the rest. The program essentially changes you from a retailer to a wholesaler or distributed and has tons of benefits!

Getting Started

What do you need to get started selling on Amazon? It’s as simple as creating an Amazon account. Once you have an account you can choose to sign up to sell items on Amazon. You can then choose between signing up as professional seller (there’s a month fee!) or an individual seller. The decision really depends on the volume you expect to be doing. But if you are truly trying to start a business or scale an existing business, it makes all the sense in the world to sign up as a professional seller.

Our blog posts and videos are primarily going to be focused on helping individuals and entrepreneurs get started selling on Amazon. We are going to lay out an easy-to-follow plan to get you started with selling on Amazon. If you are a business with no Amazon online presence or trying to improve your Amazon presence, please feel free to contact us through our website for a free consultation on how we can help you.

The key to anything is to TAKE ACTION. If you’re just talking about doing this, it will never happen because you will continually talk yourself out of it. Get Down. Get Dirty. Get Started. Get Paid.

MikeGetting Started with Selling on Amazon
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