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There are many features in both Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central that help your listings to stand out from the competition. One of these features is Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon Seller Central, or A+ Detail Pages on Amazon Vendor Central. The two features on each platform function essentially the same – allowing you to create an eye-catching content page that helps educate your customers about your brand and product. These pages essentially replace the product description section of your product listing pages.

Each Enhanced Brand Content or A+ Detail Page is created using template sections that allow the seller to build extremely customizable content for each product page. These features add a large section to your website that can help in two ways: 1) when built properly they can be extremely eye-catching and a great educational resource for Amazon shoppers; 2) can help to make other sections such as related product, other customer views and other customer purchases harder to spot.

We specifically work with each client to determine which products could benefit the most from having the Enhanced Brand Content/A+ Detail Pages added. After a consultation to determine what the main selling points and features of each product is, we have our skilled graphic designers created customized images and infographics that can highlight the selling points of your products and our talented copywriters prepare copy that helps your product sell more. We then combine everything and manage the process to get the pages approved on Amazon.

Enhanced Brand Content on the Seller Central platform also allows you to create an upload videos that will be feature in your product photos at the top of the page. Adding videos to your listing can be another way to capture the attention of shoppers and provide them with detail information about what the main features of the product are. Our content team can help clients create video content and guide them along the process from idea to completion. We help create the storyboard, select visual content and provide all the editing and compilation services to provide a high-quality video that will help convert Amazon shoppers into customers.

Create Eye Catching Enhanced Brand Content and A+ Detail Pages to Convert Shoppers into Customers

Our capabilities at AMZ Advisers can help you create incredible new content that can bring your Amazon product listing pages to life. We create Enhanced Brand Content and A+ Detail pages for all of our customers as part of the broader marketing strategy that is created when we onboard every client. Our experienced designers, copywriters and content creators have all the skills necessary to develop the high-quality pages you need to stand out from the competition. As we do with every aspect of our client relationships, we guide each and every client along the route to create great content – explaining each and every step along the way so they end up with content that looks great and their customers will love.

Contact us today if you need help creating better content for your Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central listings.

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