¿Es rentable el dropshipping de Amazon?

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inalDropshipping is a big way for sellers to diversify their shipping options. But is Amazon Dropshipping Profitable?

Según JungleScout, 10% of sellers run an Amazon dropshipping business, meaning that this business model is not the most popular one on the platform. However, dropshipping on Amazon is a business model that requires no investment, so it may be worth looking at. 

Below, we will demystify Envío directo de Amazon, providing straightforward insights into how it works and what are the main aspects to consider before starting. We’ll cover everything from the basics to practical advice.


¿Qué es Amazon Dropshipping?

Dropshipping has been around for a long time, even before the internet! Back in the late 1800s and early 1900s, people could order stuff from catalogs instead of going to stores. Businesses like Montgomery Ward and Sears made this popular. They’d send out catalogs, people would pick what they wanted, and then the companies would ship it to them.

Nowadays, dropshipping has grown into a profitable, well-known industry that many giants are part of, including Amazon. 

As an Amazon seller, your primary task is to upload your products onto your chosen platform or marketplace. From that point forward, the responsibility of packaging and delivering the products shifts to the wholesaler, supplier, or manufacturer.

Amazon Dropshipping emerges as the favored model, particularly for Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) sellers. This preference stems from the fact that FBM sellers retain complete autonomy over the supply chain and logistics process.

Embracing the dropshipping model liberates brands from the burdens associated with storage and fulfillment logistics. Your focus remains squarely on driving sales and marketing initiatives, while the supplier efficiently manages the intricacies of order fulfillment and shipping. 

This streamlined approach allows you to concentrate on scaling your business without being bogged down by operational complexities.


What are the Costs of Amazon Dropshipping?

Dropshipping on Amazon is a smart way to start selling without needing much money upfront. But is Amazon dropshipping profitable for sellers? Let’s break down the costs so you can see how it works and why it might be a good option for you.

First, there are two types of seller plans on Amazon: individual and pro. 

  • The individual plan is free to set up, but for every item you sell, Amazon takes a fee of $0.99.
  • El plan Pro costs $39.99 per month but doesn’t charge per-item fees. This option might be better if you plan to sell a lot of items.


On top of the seller plan fees, there are also commission rates for dropshipping on Amazon. These rates range from 10% to 15%, depending on the category of the item you’re selling. 

Despite these fees, dropshipping can still be profitable, with profit margins typically ranging from 10% to 30%.

It’s important to remember that Amazon also takes a 15% referral fee from the total revenue of each sale. For example, if your profit margin is 30%, Amazon will take 15% of the sale, leaving you with the rest.

So, why consider dropshipping on Amazon? One big reason is the massive audience. With más de 310 millones de usuarios activos, Amazon offers incredible exposure for your products, which can lead to significant sales.

In short, while there are fees involved, dropshipping on Amazon provides a low-cost way to start selling products online, with the potential for decent profits thanks to its vast customer base.

dropshipping on amazon


How does Amazon Dropshipping Work?

Let’s say that you decide to start selling on Amazon dropshipping. What does this look like at a practical level? Well, it is a pretty simple process, but it definitely involves a lot of work.


Crea tu cuenta de vendedor de Amazon

Start by signing up and setting your seller account on Amazon. If you need some help, esta guía will help you with this process step by step.


Research and Choose Your Products 

The marketplace features over 30 product categories, and you can select any that fits your brand and market base. 

If you need some help with finding the right product for your audience and goals, you can use the Herramienta de investigación de productos de Amazon para hacer las cosas más fáciles

Aquí hay algunos consejos para seleccionar ofertas rentables:

  • Elija artículos de nicho con demanda de mercado durante todo el año.
  • Sus productos también deben tener poca competencia de otros vendedores.
  • Adquiera productos altamente comercializables, para que pueda impulsar las conversiones fuera de Amazon.
  • Mantenga un precio de $ 20- $ 35 para obtener un margen de ganancia justo.

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Find Your Suppliers

Your supplier is what will determine the quality of your products, so it is not an easy decision to make. You want to choose the best Amazon distributor and make sure that it fits not only your expectations, but also what your clients want from you. 

Aquí hay algunos canales útiles para buscar los mejores dropshippers del mercado:

  • AliExpress. This marketplace focuses on business-to-business (B2B) sales. Here, sellers can get in touch with suppliers ready to dropship their stock.
  • Búsqueda Web. Once you find a product to sell, find out who can supply it. Then, go to their webpage to learn more about them. This is also a great way to establish contact and begin negotiations.
  • Ferias. Asista a algunas ferias comerciales donde pueda conocer a los proveedores cara a cara. No es tan rápido como una búsqueda en la web, pero se beneficiará del toque personal.


Asegúrese de Haz tu investigación and, before anything else, find out all you can about their working practices. For example quality control, stock management, shipping process, and payment options.

If you are about to choose a supplier that seems like the best option for you, don’t forget to take a look at what other people have to say about it. Also, try to get a letter of authentication once you set a deal. This is to let Amazon know that you are allowed to dropship from your chosen supplier.


List Products on Amazon

Now, let’s get to the fun part: creating your listings. 


  • Write Clear Titles. Create titles that clearly describe your product using keywords that customers might search for. Keep them short but informative.
  • Describe Your Products Well. Escribe. descripciones detalladas that highlight the features and benefits of your products. Use bullet points to make it easy to read.
  • Use Good Photos. ¡ES HORA fotos de alta calidad of your products from different angles. Make sure they’re well-lit and show the product clearly.
  • Set Your Prices. Research what similar products are selling for and set your prices competitively.
  • Choose the Right Categories. Select the most relevant categories for your products so they show up in the right searches.
  • Offer Fast Shipping. Provide reliable shipping options to attract customers. Consider using El cumplimiento por parte de Amazon for easier order fulfillment.
  • Monitorear el desempeño. Keep an eye on how your listings are doing and make adjustments as needed to improve sales.


Comercialice sus productos

Uso Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads, enhanced brand content, and keyword optimization to promote your products within the Amazon ecosystem.


Recibir pedidos

When customers purchase products from your Amazon listings, you’ll receive notifications and payment through your seller account.

  • Once you receive orders, forward the order details to your suppliers, including the customer’s shipping address and the purchased product.
  • Your supplier will handle the packaging and shipping process, sending the product directly to your customer.


Brindar soporte al cliente

The customer receives the product directly from the supplier. Since it’s shipped directly, they may not even realize it’s dropshipped.

Be prepared to offer customer support as needed, handling inquiries, issues, and returns. Positive customer experiences can lead to higher seller ratings and increased sales.


Preste atención a la política de envío directo de Amazon

Before you kick-off, it’s key to understand the Amazon dropshipping policy:

  • Indique siempre a los clientes que usted es el vendedor registrado.
  • Haga que el proveedor lo identifique como el vendedor auténtico en toda la información relacionada con el producto. Por ejemplo, facturas, albaranes o paquetes externos.
  • Elimine cualquier mención de una marca o proveedor de terceros de toda la información relacionada con el producto.
  • Asumir la responsabilidad de todas las devoluciones de productos, desde la aceptación hasta el procesamiento.
  • Comply with Amazon’s terms and policies of your seller agreement.


Some of the main things you should take care off if you want a non-problematic dropshipping collaboration with Amazon include:

  • Make sure your suppliers can ship quickly. Amazon wants customers to get their orders fast, so delays can cause problems.
  • Answer customers’ questions quickly and help them with any problems. Happy customers mean good reviews.
  • Always know how much you have in stock.
  • Fullfill orders fast and accurately.


In short, always ensure that you are noted as the seller of record. Plus, make sure that customers can’t tell when a package is dropshipped.

Y nunca envíe productos comprados a otro minorista, como eBay o Walmart. Esa es una gran violación de las políticas de Amazon.

Envío directo de Amazon


Los pros y los contras del dropshipping de Amazon

Before deciding if Amazon dropshipping is the best business model for you, there are a lot of pros and cons you need to evaluate. Let’s take a look at these.


Ventajas de hacer dropshipping en Amazon

  • Fácil de configurar. You can start dropshipping with very low upfront costs. Just create your Amazon account, search for quality and profitable items, and find a reliable supplier to work with.
  • Espacio de almacenamiento. Dropshipping lo libera de mantener inventario y almacenes permanentes. Reducirá los costos generales, como las tarifas por escasez y la logística de envío.
  • Automatizado y móvil. No es necesario permanecer en un solo lugar para ejecutar su negocio de dropshipping. Por ejemplo, puede administrar su tienda de Amazon desde la aplicación móvil y configurar notificaciones de proveedores para cada pedido de cliente.
  • Escalabilidad Experimente con la venta de diferentes tipos de productos de su proveedor. Esta es una excelente manera de encontrar nichos de mercado únicos, sin aumentar los costos logísticos.  


Contras de Dropshipping en Amazon

  • Marca.  Los productos pueden carecer de aspectos destacados de marca únicos, lo que hace que sea más difícil destacar entre la multitud. Esto podría traducirse en márgenes de beneficio bajos, debido a que los competidores ofrecen artículos similares.
  • Competencia. Although not many Amazon sellers use it, dropshipping is still a competitive field. This is due to the low startup costs. Plus, variable prices from other sellers may cut into your profits.
  • Control de calidad. El vendedor está fuera de los procesos de cumplimiento e inspección. Por lo tanto, no puede asegurarse de que el embalaje y el envío del producto se manejen correctamente. Eso significa que los compradores pueden recibir pedidos atrasados ​​o incluso productos dañados. Esto podría dar lugar a críticas negativas de los clientes.
  • Dependencia del proveedor. El stock, el envío y los tiempos de entrega dependen del proveedor. Tendrás poco que decir sobre la logística. Así, si el proveedor comete un error, tu marca asumirá las consecuencias.


¿Es rentable el dropshipping de Amazon?

Amazon dropshipping is one of the most appealing ways to make money in the marketplace, mostly because, unlike distribución al por mayor and direct sales, it doesn’t require any initial investment. 

But is Amazon Dropshipping profitable? In truth, making a profit with Amazon dropshipping isn’t easy. It depends on finding the right products, suppliers, and pricing strategies. 

You have to do a lot of research to figure out what people want to buy and who you can trust to supply those products reliably. Plus, you need to set prices that cover your costs and still attract customers, while also considering the fees that Amazon charges for using their platform.

There are also rules and risks to be aware of. Amazon has strict guidelines, and if you don’t follow them, you could get in trouble or even have your account suspended. And because Amazon’s algorithms determine which products show up in searches, changes to those algorithms can affect your sales.


Consideraciones Finales:

There’s really no easy anwser to the “is Amazon Dropshipping Profitable?” question. It can be a profitable business, but it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. Dropshipping takes careful planning, research, and following the rules to make it work. It will also require a lot of trial and error, which can be frustrating for some sellers. 

As with any other business model, the best you can do is: 

  • Do your homework and understand the business model
  • Gather all the helpful resources you can
  • Don’t overplan, start working and learn along the way
  • Set realistic expectations that can help you stay consistent

Dropshipping requires a lot of work and patience if you want to see real results. This is why it is important for you to do your research and set realistic deadlines for how much time you will work on this before choosing a different path. 

Remember that your long-term success will depend on a lot of factors, including your industry, knowledge, the product you choose, and your ability to market it.



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