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How to Create Amazon A+ Content

Amazon is helping first-party vendors boost sales with an important vendor update called A+ Content. The feature allows Vendor Central users to add additional flare and pop-to their product listings with additional images, text and other unique features. Learning how to create Amazon A+ content can help you get a leg up on your competitors.

We are going to explore what A+ Content is and how to create the content within Vendor Central. We will then provide some of the most important tips for creating great A+ content and some of our favorite examples that we have seen on Amazon. Finally, we will share some success stories on how A+ content has helped our clients increase Amazon sales.

What is Amazon A+ Content?

A+ Content is available through the Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) tool. A+ content is only available to first party (1P) vendors on Amazon. This tool allows vendors to add custom detail page sections with elements like line breaks, formatted text, special images, videos, charts and more – all of which are unavailable on regular detail pages.

This offering allows vendors to showcase their brands and better convey the value of their products to help customers overcome purchase hesitations, make informed buying decisions, and drive brand affinity. Amazon says that A+ Content boosts sales, showing a 3% to 10% improvement, and boosts conversion rates as well with its visual product comparison charts.

How to Create Amazon A+ Content Detail Pages

  1. Log into Vendor Central and select “A+ Detail Pages” from the “Merchandising”menu, then submit an A+ Detail Page promotion request.
  2. Choose between the Self Service and Amazon Builds For You modules.

Self Service Module

With self-service, you can enter the ASIN of the product you want to add A+ content to. Per Amazon, vendors should focus premium priced products that are already being promoted and that have special benefits and features, or products that have a strong brand story.

typing on laptop

First, enter a name to identify your A+ Content project, ideally the product title and ASIN. Continue to the next page and use the drag-and-drop tool to begin designing a layout using up to 5 of the 12 available modules (10 Standard and 2 Advanced module designs). Add your desired images and text to each section and preview your A+ content. If you think your customers will like what you see, review the pricing information and click submit at the bottom.

Check back in a few days to see if Amazon has approved your A+ Content or requires some modifications.

Will Amazon Create A+ Content for Me?

Previously Amazon was creating A+ content for Vendor Central users who did not have the capabilities to create the content themselves. Vendors would submit images and other content and Amazon would utilize that content to build out an A+ Detail Page. This feature is no longer available as of 2019 and every Vendor must create their own A+ pages.

Many vendors may not have the experience or capabilities to create the correct types of content that will help increase conversion rates on Amazon. We frequently partner with vendors who need this type of help. If you are a vendor and believe your product listings can be improved with A+ content, feel free to contact us and we will give you our feedback and advice on what could be done.

What to remember About Amazon A+ Content

  1. A+ content does nothing for your organic page ranking.
  2. Amazon A+ Content only shows up on desktop for now.
  3. You have to pay more to create A+ Enhanced Marketing Content pages for products that are already listed by another vendor.
  4. You must submit content for your A+ pages within a month of confirming the Purchase Order for the eligible product to qualify for the promotion.
  5. The promotion is limited to five or less pages per vendor.
  6. Changes are only permitted within 2 business days after an A+ page goes live.
  7. Amazon can take down a page at any time, but usually when a vendor closes their account, fails to fulfill Purchase Orders, or violates Amazon policies.
  8. All images and text on A+ pages must be unique and focus on the product; however, you may use lifestyle images if they are useful for showing the product in use.
  9. Mentioning competitors or their products on A+ pages is prohibited.

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When is Amazon A+ Content Worth It?

1P Sellers were sometimes hesitant in the past to pay for A+ Content on their listings. However, Amazon has now made the program free in 2019. This means that all Amazon Vendors should consider adding A+ Content to their listings. The challenge is to create good content that will help conversion rates. Poorly design content can have a negative effect on listings just as much as great content can boost them.

We believe there are certain things you should consider when determining whether you want to add Amazon A+ Content to your product listings. We have laid them all out here for you to check out:

Sales Revenue

It is generally a good idea to start adding A+ Content to your top selling listings. Creating the content does take time. And focusing on lower traffic or revenue listings to start may not provide the immediate return you are looking for.

Great A+ Content can help you increase conversion rates bringing in even more sales to top selling listings. The 3%-10% increase that Amazon claims A+ Content adds can mean thousands of dollars in additional sales. We believe you should always look to start adding high quality content to these listings first so you can see the benefit yourself. Seeing the sales increase will show you the return on investment and that it is worth adding it to other listings in your product catalog as well.

What is the Competition Doing?

Another great determining factor should be what the competitive landscape looks like for your listings. You should constantly be comparing yourself to your competition to see where you could improve. Search for competitive ASINs on Amazon to see if they have A+ Content on their listings. Both Vendor and Seller Central users have the ability to add this content although the names are slightly different on each platform.

Even if your competitors do not have the content it could be a good opportunity to help your listing stand out. You should consider where your product ranks for certain keywords. Research that indicates ranking higher will dramatically increase your sales is a good sign that it is worth adding. The additional content will help your product standout more – which can lead to more conversions and better visibility on Amazon.

Product Complexity

Products can often have a level of complexity that makes it difficult to explain in bullet point or a normal product description. A+ Detail Pages are a great opportunity to discuss the primary features, benefits or ways to use a product that cannot be conveyed through text alone. Explaining the product better and how it can be used can be a great way to convert more customers.

Upselling Your Catalog

You can also use A+ Content to provide a better shopping experience for the customer by comparing multiple products in your catalog. This can help a customer see what features each product has and ensures that they are purchasing the correct one. It can also help you upsell higher priced products by showing the additional benefits.

Amazon will sometimes do product comparisons of their own products on your listing pages. This seems to be an unfair practice, but fighting back with your own comparisons can help convince a customer they are making the correct decision. You cannot directly mention a competitor product in comparison charts, but explaining your product benefits and features better across your catalog can help convert a shopper into a customer.

Amazon A+ Tips & Best Practices

Optimize your product detail pages to gain ground over your competitors with the following tips.

optimize A+ content

Image Size and Resolution

Amazon will only accept A+ Content applications that have images of the proper size and resolution as dictated by the module selected.

Prohibited Elements

Certain elements are prohibited, such as the registered brand and registered trademark symbols and hyperlinks to other websites. You are allowed to add links to other ASINs in certain modules, however.


Any grammatical errors or typos can run live on an approved A+ page for up to a week, so it’s worth the effort to make sure there are no errors before you click submit.

Use Banners

Banners break up product detail page content to make it more readable for customers. It shows them where new sections begin and are useful for grabbing attention and providing more information about your product and brand.

Leverage Charts

Use charts to display different ASINs so your customer can compare products and see offerings that they may not have been previously aware of without leaving your page.

Visual Focus

Customers prefer images because they don’t have time to read long descriptions. Images are also more attractive, so use more images than text in your A+ Content. Keep the text simple to communicate your message. In addition, use a good balance of lifestyle and product images to highlight features.

Maintain Branding

Your design should carry elements of your branding to create a uniform experience. A+ Content is an extension of your brand and your website, so make sure customers get that feel, even though they are not consciously aware of it.

What is Good Amazon A+ Content?

Defining what is well designed A+ detail pages is tough. There are many different opinions on what works and why. We believe that A+ Content should be conveying the benefits and features of your products first and foremost. It can also be an opportunity to introduce your brand as well, but consumers on Amazon care less about brand names and more about value and price.

We are going to take a look at a few of our favorite A+ Detail Pages that we have done on Amazon and why we believe that the content is great. We will breakdown exactly what benefits each one has and the reasons for adding certain design features. Here are a few examples:

Example #1: Zest Tea Sparkling Teas

Content Layout:

This A+ Detail page utilizes text and images to express the product features and benefits to shoppers on Amazon.

Design & Implementation:

The A+ content uses text and image modules to convey the information to the customer. Colorful image module draws the attention of the customer to main product features.

What We Like About This A+ Detail Page:

This A+ detail pages uses both banner images and large text sections to speak about the product. The text sections help to convey the main benefits of the product and educate the customer on the sparkling tea market. The use of colored backgrounds draws the consumers attention to each image section, and the images clearly detail the benefits of the product.

Example #2: Burt’s Bees Canine Grooming Products

Content Layout:

Content uses product comparison charts to show the exact ingredients, benefits and quantity of each product in their product line.

Design & Implementation:

Burt’s Bees A+ content is utilized across multiple products within the product category. It reduces the amount of A+ detail pages that need to be made and creates a standardized look across their product line.

What We Like About This A+ Detail Page:

This page displays a full catalog of potential products that customers could be interested in. All the products are related and makes it easy for a custComer to ensure they are getting the right product. It also has the potential to upsell the customer. Someone searching for a shampoo may also be intrigued by a conditioner offered in the same product line.

Example #3: Kanapa Nourishing Facial Oil

Enhanced Brand content example

Content Layout:

The A+ Content uses images and text modules to display the benefits and reasons to choose the product. It focuses on asking a question, discussing the challenges and then providing the solution.

Design & Implementation:

The page design focuses on using a clean layout to give the feeling of the benefits of the product – cleanliness. The color scheme and design of the page clearly matches the product and packaging design and gives a good flow throughout the entire A+ detail page.

What We Like About This A+ Detail Page:

The product detail page clear answers a doubt or question that a consumer looking for skincare products is asking. The images used are clean and feature a variety of ages so that more than one age group can relate to the product. The clean feel gives the feeling that the products does what it says and the benefits are clearly spelled out with eye-catching images throughout the A+ content.

How Creating A+ Detail Pages Has Helped Our Clients

We understand how A+ Detail Pages can benefit Amazon product listings because we have seen the results for our clients. We are going to take a quick look at how we were able to help Plackers design A+ Content that increased sales and helped them earn an Amazon’s Choice Badge for the term Dental Night Guard.

Determining the Client’s Needs

Designing great A+ Content requires us sitting down with each client to determine what aspects are the most important for them. We ask a series of questions related to their goals, product catalog and design preferences. This helps us determine the layout and design aspects of the content that are the most important to them.

We analyze our client’s sales data to determine which Amazon listings will benefit the most from adding A+ Detail Pages. Our team goes through the same research as mentioned earlier to determine where to start creating content. We look for the highest selling listings, perform a competitor analysis and considering product complexity before setting our goals and targets for when we Create Amazon A+ Content.

Designing The A+ Content

Our project management and design teams take what we gathered during the client consultation and create the A+ Detail pages. We utilize a variety of images provided by the client, that we take our selves and that we get from stock image websites to create the pages.

The goals for the page determine what modules are used and how our copywriters prepare the content for the pages. The copywriting team will create sales copy from the most important features and benefits of the products communicated by the client. We then pull it all together into a finished product. After the client has approved our design, we upload it to the listing and ensure it goes live.

The Results We Have Seen

Vendor Central analytics are extremely limited in the data they provide to 1P sellers. It is nearly impossible to measure the exact conversion rate or traffic to each product listing. As we said before, Amazon claims that A+ Detail Pages can increase conversion rates by 3%-10%. That claim cannot be substantiated without Retail Analytics Premium or a Seller Central account.

What we can measure is the sales performance before and after the content is added. The content itself will not rank within the Amazon search algorithm. Any increases in sales is therefore somewhat attributable to the addition of the Amazon A+ content. The growth can very between products and categories, but what we have seen is that sales typically increase between 5%-15% after A+ Detail pages are created.

Adding A+ Content your product listings can be an effective way to increase your overall sales on Vendor Central. A failure to see any measurable impact on sales is a good indication that your content is lacking something. If you see this on your pages, you should consider reworking the content or creating new content from scratch to see how that performs.

Summing Up Amazon A+ Detail Pages

Using great Amazon A+ content on your product listings will help you increase your sales on Vendor Central. Building out the modules on your own is intuitive, however sometimes working with an experience provider or agency can make it easier. Amazon no longer provides a service to help you build your content as they did in the past. There are a few things you should look for when you consider adding A+ content to your product listing pages. Start by focusing on your top selling products, checking what the competitors are doing and trying to understand where your customers may run into problems.

Following our best practices and tips will help you design the best converting content for your product listing pages. Our examples provide a simple template that you can follow and be on your way to start creating incredible Amazon A+ content. Be sure to follow the guidelines and you will be on the way to creating a great listing that helps turns shoppers into customers.

Now you are ready to start taking over the Amazon market place with this important tool at your fingertips. Take advantage of this program and see the levels of success it can bring you. We hope our guide on how to create Amazon A+ Content has provided you with what you need to go stand out from the competition.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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