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SEO on Amazon Alexa – Prepare Your Content

Amazon Alexa will change SEO

There is a big game changer coming to the world of Search Engine Optimization. Sellers need to hopon board not only to experience the magic that’s about to happen, but to stay ahead of the game.

We all know our voice assistants Siri and Cortana. They help make everyday life a bit simpler. They play our music, read us the daily news, and even remind us of what we have scheduled within the day. It’s amazing how easy it is for them to hear what we need, locate that file or application, and open it for us. Voice search technology is definitely here to stay, and is growing to become even more incredible

Who is Alexa

Alexa is Amazon’s intelligent voice assistant, predicted as one of the big changes on Amazon in 2017. Alexa is said to be the brain behind millions of different devices being offered over Amazon and third party manufacturers. Amazon’s Alexa controlled Echo speaker is one of them. Echo is already in its second generation and has several versions available. Alexa’s abilities likewise continue to expand with every version created. Alexa now dominates the voice-controlled speaker market.

\Alexa is a much like Siri and Cortana. She can interact, plan your day, make a to-do list, play your music, provide real-time weather, traffic reports and news.  Alexa offers customers a greater and more personal experience when it comes to interacting with technology. With this technology, we are one step closer to the kinds of things we only see in movies. It won’t be too long before people no longer need a human assistant to help them with daily tasks.

Voice Assistants and SEO

Voice search has definitely changed a lot of things for Search Engine Optimization and the way everyone has to write content and keywords. People have casual conversations and interact normally with their voice assistants. They ask questions and speak to them as if they were talking to an actual person. People don’t just speak specific keywords. Instead, they tell their voice assistants what they need exactly as if they were seeking help from a shop clerk. And these AI assistants do the rest of the work.

This is where Search Engine Optimization changes. Long stuffy keywords will no longer cut it. Content has to be written in a more conversational and informal tone to line up with voice search. Naturally phrased searches also have to be learned by various search engines so that they can display accurate results.

Today, people already use voice search to look for places to eat, the nearest gas stations, and even where to get a haircut. Voice search is the future of Search Engine Optimization. Among many other predictions, voice search is expected to hold a share of 50% of all searches. Now that’s a big slice in just a few short years.

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Prepare for the Change

Sellers have to make sure they aren’t left behind when this change takes place. Here are some tips to prepare your content:

Page Optimization

Optimizing content in a more conversational tone will help you prepare for the Search Engine changes. It may help to ask yourself some of the questions that your consumers might ask when buying from your store. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine what kind of information you would want to see.  Along with that, make sure that the answers to these questions come up in your page content. This is important to make sure that your page comes up when people search for it. They may want to know about product care or available variations and the like. Review your content to be sure that it includes all the details you can think of.


Another great way to help your business is to include Frequently Asked Questions on your pages. Group all the similar and relevant questions and make them visible to visitors. Make sure these FAQs coincide with any other important product information you have. It might take you some time to put it all together. Just remember that putting a lot of information on your page can only help boost your traffic and conversion rates.

General searches have already started to become less popular. In the coming years, they will only become even less prominent as more specific keyword searches take their place. Many people will admit to being lazy when typing in their searches. What will happen when voice search becomes more popular? The best way for your website to come up in voice search results is to anticipate a variety of questions and provide readily available answers to potential customers.


Hands-on experience is always a great way to gather vital information about something new. Many sellers find it extremely helpful to use a product before listing it. The same holds true for targeting customers who use that product; in this case, Alexa.

Try using Alexa and do trial runs. Play around with your content to see how it responds. Search for various items and see how your pages fare in the search results. This way, you get an idea of how to get your content in line with the new trend and what you should do to improve the optimization of your pages.


Life is all about changing and improving. Don’t let voice search leave your business behind. Stay ahead of the game and make the necessary preparations as early as now. It’s easier to adjust when you give yourself ample time. You also need this time to run all the tests to make sure that your content is ready for the shift to voice search.

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Julia ValdezSEO on Amazon Alexa – Prepare Your Content
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