How to Choose an Amazon Seller Name

69D How To Choose An Amazon Seller Name

Choosing the right Amazon seller name is one of the most important business decisions you will ever make. Your Amazon seller name is essentially your brand on the marketplace. It will forever be associated with your brand image, what gives customers the right (or wrong) impression of you, and what you sell. You want everyone […]

COVID-19: Amazon Seller Central Updates

In order to keep sellers informed on the latest news surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon has committed to publishing timely content on all its channels, especially on Seller Central, to ensure they know how to proceed during these unfavorable times. In our recent post, we talked about Amazon’s response to the coronavirus outbreak; the company […]

Amazon and The Coronavirus: The Consequences of a Global Epidemic

Amazon is catching the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, or coronavirus disease 2019. The retail giant doesn’t get a runny nose or cough, but the effects on the company’s health are real. Amazon, along with other top US companies, is taking a financial hit from supply chain interruptions and fears of a looming pandemic. If […]

Amazon Terminology Cheat Sheet for New FBA Sellers

book dictionary amazon

Amazon terminology can be difficult to learn for new sellers and can still be troublesome for veteran sellers to remember. But since we all need to talk the talk to sell the goods, it helps to have a cheat sheet to refer to every now and then. So many acronyms and terms are used in […]

How to Stop Amazon Unauthorized Resellers

Amazon Unauthorized Resellers

Unauthorized resellers plague the Amazon Marketplace. Manufacturers, brand owners and authorized resellers are constantly facing abuse from these bad actors. They list without permission, stealing sales and damaging brand reputations. What makes them an even bigger problem is that Amazon doesn’t usually do anything about them. But you can. Here’s how you can recognize the […]