Tips and Advice for Managing a Multichannel eCommerce Brand

with Featured Guest Dan Sugarman from Zentail

Dan Sugarman, founder and CEO of Zentail, started the company as a way to solve international trade problems. They started selling products on Amazon from warehouses and eventually became multichannel sellers.

They created a technology suite so effective for international trading that offering it to sellers has become their only line of business since 2015.

Since Zentail started as a seller, they know exactly what the pains of going multichannel are.

In this interview, we discuss: 

  • Why do you want to sell on different channels?
  • Reducing risks by going multichannel
  • When to start diversifying 
  • How to get one channel right and move from there 
  • The best approach to go multichannel 
  • What other channels should sellers be paying attention to the most
  • Getting to the right clientele 
  • Biggest challenges of expanding to new channels 
  • Why reviews, customer service, pick and pack operations are also key elements 
  • Most common mistakes businesses make when choosing other channels to sell
  • Invest properly Avoid breaking your Amazon relationships 
  • Inventory management How are companies managing their inventory across multiple sales channels 
  • Making sure you have the right resources 
  • Handle your advertising data without getting overwhelmed
  • The importance of data and analytics of all channels and advertising 
  • Automation is your friend
  • Product data 
  • How to avoid overselling 
  • Key attributes and categories 
  • Making sure you have the right data points for each marketplace 
  • How does Zentail handle your data and use it effectively?
  • How the Zentail system works and what advantages and tools it offers
  • Inventory planning, managing multiple warehouses and fulfilling in different places
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