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Join Us May 11th at 1PM EST

Catch up with Mike and Pearl as they talk about the main challenges and differences of handling order fulfillment domestically and internationally. Online sales continue to grow rapidly – so learn the best options you have to make the shipping experience enjoyable for your customers.

Mike will be talking about domestic shipping for Amazon, Walmart, D2C websites and other eCommerce platforms. Pearl will be covering how to ship create a good customer experience when shipping your customer orders internationally.

Get the answers you need to create the smoothest customer shopping experience – and get your orders delivered on time, and at the best cost for your business!

Who will you hear from?

Michael Begg, Chief Strategist @ AMZ Advisers

Mike loves sharing advice and help on anything related to Amazon, eCommerce and digital marketing to help other entrepreneurs achieve their goals

He co-founded AMZ Advisers with his two partners, and has grown the business to managing over $10M per year in ad spend and $100M per year in Amazon sales.

Mike will be talking about handling domestic fulfillment and shipping of your eCommerce orders for Amazon, D2C websites and other platforms!

Pearl Headshot
Pearl Ausch, COO @ First Choice Shipping

Pearl helps sellers expand their businesses internationally from start to finish.

As the Chief Operations Officer, she facilitates sellers in getting the proper registrations, shipping, and educating clients about their different market options. She has helped thousands of sellers expand to every Amazon marketplace with an FBA option, including the UK, UAE, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and more, by working closely with Amazon’s Global Expansion team.

You can expect to have your Global Expansion in as fast as one week with Pearl and her incredible team.

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