Join Our Webinar On Global Selling, What Does It Look Like And How Should You Do It?

Presented in partnership with MerchantSpring

Catch up with Mike and James as they talk about the massive opportunity to make your brand global, and how to go about selling in different markets. E-Commerce brands can reach far beyond their borders today – so learn the best opportunities for you and how to get started selling internationally today!

James will be talking about what the current international seller landscape looks like, and what marketplaces may be right for your brand. Mike will be covering how you can take that information and go about launching your brand in different international markets – covering everything from basic set-up to most common challenges and obstacles sellers face.

Get the answers you need before taking your brand global by yourself, and avoid many of the common pitfalls and mistakes that other eCommerce sellers run into!

Who will you hear from?

Michael Begg, Chief Strategist @ AMZ Advisers

Mike loves sharing advice and help on anything related to Amazon, eCommerce and digital marketing to help other entrepreneurs achieve their goals

He co-founded AMZ Advisers with his two partners, and has grown the business to managing over $10M per year in ad spend and $100M per year in Amazon sales.

Mike will be talking about the differences between the advertising platforms, the best practices for advertising success on Walmart and how Amazon sellers should start advertising on Walmart.

James Dihardjo, Co-Founder @ MerchantSpring

James is co-founder of MerchantSpring an award winning global SaaS tool that provides sellers with simple, easy to use analytics across multiple marketplace accounts.

He has years of experience in the e-commerce space in multiple countries and was one of the early team members of leading Australian Marketplace,

James will be covering what the current international selling landscape looks like for sellers. He will give an in-depth breakdown on what platforms global sellers use in each marketplace, where sellers in each market are based and why platforms are where you should focus when going global.

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