Join Our Webinar on Common Mistakes Amazon Sellers Make on Walmart Today!!!

Presented in partnership with ShipCalm & Zentail

Catch up with Mike, Ted and Pauline as they talk about the common issues they see Amazon sellers struggling with on the Walmart marketplace. Walmart is a quickly growing marketplace, so understanding what you need to know will help you transition smoothly to selling there.

Mike will be talking about advertising differences between Amazon and Walmart. Ted will be covering product fulfillment when it comes to the Walmart platform and how it differs from Amazon. Pauline will be covering how to create and manage your listings on Walmart.

Get the answers you need before launching on the Walmart platform by yourself, and avoid many of the common pitfalls the Amazon sellers run into!

Who will you hear from?

Michael Begg, Chief Strategist @ AMZ Advisers

Mike loves sharing advice and help on anything related to Amazon, eCommerce and digital marketing to help other entrepreneurs achieve their goals

He co-founded AMZ Advisers with his two partners, and has grown the business to managing over $10M per year in ad spend and $100M per year in Amazon sales.

Mike will be talking about the differences between the advertising platforms, the best practices for advertising success on Walmart and how Amazon sellers should start advertising on Walmart.

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Ted Fogliani, CEO @ ShipCalm

Ted has owned and managed businesses in San Diego for the past 23 years. 

In 2016 he founded ShipCalm, an e-commerce focused logistics and distribution company.  Over the past 4 years, his leadership team have aggressively grown ShipCalm into a regional leader and a national player in the e-commerce distribution landscape. 

He is an Operations-Centric CEO, seen in the roles he plays in the early stage of companies:  identifying businesses that can scale with process driven ops, and supported by hiring great people who drive great process and continually work to build great culture.  

Pauline Shiu, Director of Marketing @ Zentail
Always in pursuit of the best customer experiences, she is a champion for savvy sellers, industry experts and partners like Walmart, Amazon, and BigCommerce.
She knows the ins and outs of ecommerce between her days at and a $7M Shopify brand store.
Pauline will debunk common misconceptions about Walmart Marketplaces and discuss what it takes to be successful at Walmart; who Walmart’s for, listing best practices, and Priming the pump/how much to invest to see success.
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