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认识您的讲师:史蒂夫,迈克和罗伯– AMZ顾问的创始人

There is a wealth of free information online about selling on Amazon, but much of it is out-dated, no longer relevant, or just plain wrong.在线上有大量免费的关于在亚马逊上销售的免费信息,但是其中许多信息已经过时,不再相关或完全错误。 That is why we are creating AMZ Courses to keep you ahead of the curve with every new feature that Amazon rolls out.这就是为什么我们创建AMZ课程以使您在Amazon推出的每项新功能中都领先于潮流。

Our courses are always up-to-date with the best Amazon practices, new features rolling out, and the latest strategies that are working for our clients.我们的课程始终是最新的,其中包含最佳的Amazon做法,新功能的推出以及适用于我们客户的最新策略。 Join our waitlist now, and get a pre-launch discount when AMZ Courses goes live!立即加入我们的候补名单,并在AMZ Courses上线时获得预发行折扣!

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