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AMZ Tracker is an established software in the Amazon space. The product has been around for years and has been affected by Amazon’s changes to their incentivized review policy. Product is not designed to help customers with product research, but primarily for existing Amazon sellers that want to track how their listings are performing.

It has various different features; however, the primary reason to use the product is for a tracking listing performance and getting promotional sales for your product. Previously, the product was known for helping customers get reviews for their products on Amazon by exchanging a free unit for a review by a customer.

We’re going to take a look at some of the features of AMZ tracker, the issues with the product and its current state, what the customers say about the product, and finally, our recommendation of the product.

AMZ Tracker Features

AMZ Tracker has a large suite of tools that Amazon sellers can use. They market their products as having offense and defensive features for Amazon sellers. Let’s take a look at what some of these features are and how they can help  improve your performance on Amazon.


Vipon is a portmanteau of “VIP” and “coupon”, and it is designed to provide their customers with discounted products from Amazon and other e-commerce platforms. This product was previously known as “The Review Club” by AMZ tracker. However, after the incentivized review change by Amazon, banning reviews that were given on a discounted product, the value of the product has decreased and can essentially only help your initial sales on the Amazon platform.

Keyword Tracking

Their keyword tracking feature allows you to see exactly where your product ranks for specific search terms and traffic overtime. You can view how the performances are either increasing or decreasing on the Amazon platform. This can be helpful if you are specifically trying to rank for search terms on Amazon that could be high organic traffic and lead to lots of sales by being on page one.

Listing Audit

AMZ tracker also offers a listing tool that can help you quickly identify issues with your product or with competitor products. This could be used to improve the quality of your listings or to take advantage of opportunities that your competitor may be missing.

Super URLs

A super URL can help you rank for specific terms on Amazon as the URL contains additional characters that show the Amazon algorithm that a customer searches for a specific search term  prior to reaching a product listing page. The idea behind the super URLs is to influence the Amazon algorithm positively and help your products rank better organically.

Listing Alerts

AMZ tracker also provides the listing alerts to notify you when you received negative reviews or your listing has another third-party seller competing for the Buy Box. The idea behind the listing alerts is to allow you to take immediate action and make changes and adjustments that could prevent any negative outcomes for your product listing.

Keyword Research

Finally, AMZ tracker provides keyword research tools to help you identify words and phrases that customers are searching for on the platform. It can also help you identify long tail keywords that could be easy to rank for and profitable to advertise on. 

Product Research

AMZ tracker also is the creator of Unicorn Smasher which is a product research tool  that scrapes Amazon listings and estimates the monthly sales of a product. This product is a direct competitor with some other well-known companies such as jungle Scout and AMZ Scout.

Issues with AMZ Tracker

A quick online search can help you with many of the issues that AMZ tracker is currently experiencing and a lot of the reviews received from its users. The primary benefit that this tool used to give customers, by helping them get reviews, no longer works. But it seems that there are design flaws as well as potential customer service issues that are causing a lot of concern and problems.

There appear to be issues with their user interface, which complicates the general usage of the AMZ tracker tool. Overall, the general feeling from its user seems to be that the product has not been taken care of or updated as much as it should have been over time and that could potentially affect your ability to use it and get the results you need.

What Their Customers Say

The message and reviews that the customers have left online are not pretty. The customers are very vocal about the issues that they currently see with the platform and are very unhappy with some of the help that they have received from customer service.

The product has two-star ratings on multiple platforms, including Capterra and Web Retailer.  Two largest complaints seem to be about the ease-of-use and the customer service they have received. For example, one seller says that their competitor Jungle Scout, is far more at a lower cost than AMZ Tracker does.

Another online review on capterra goes as far to say that “this company scams” and that “they stole the customers money”. A different review on a web retailer says “the product is useless” and that “they will not refund you your money if you cancel the software”.

Overall, the online reputation of the product seems to have taken a hit and there seems to be questions on what the value that the product can actually provide to the end consumer is at this point. Keyword tracking can be extremely helpful while you’re trying to rank organically for specific search terms. Potential issues with the user interface could make this not a viable product for many sellers.

AMZ Tracker Pricing

AMZ Tracker offers monthly and annual subscriptions that limit the amount of keywords and products that you can track. Their basic subscription allows you to track up to 110 keywords and 50 products for $50 a month.

The next tier provides tracking for 500 keywords and 100 products, followed by 1500 keywords and 200 products. And lastly, 3000 keywords and 400 products. Each of these tiers also provides access to their Vipon platform. The pricing for each tier is $100, $200, and $400 per month respectively.


Our Review and Who is it for?

The experience we have with AMZ Tracker’s products is largely limited to their Unicorn Smasher product. We were not particularly satisfied with the sales projections with that tool and we found that a competitor product, Jungle Scout, was generally closer to the actual numbers we were seeing across multiple accounts.

However, based on the overall online feedback there may be alternative products on the market that you should be looking for that can provide the same or similar features with a better interface and none of the customer service issues.

This product could still provide value to smaller sellers that are looking to track the performance of a small set of products, but larger brands will probably want to look for other products that provide a more robust set of tools.

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