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We are a full-service eCommerce & digital marketing consultancy focused on all Amazon platforms globally to create growth for Brands/Manufacturers. We are currently partnered with brands in US, Europe, Canada, and Asia. We pride ourselves in creating a catered game-plan for each of our individual clients. Our market specific strategy and ability to stay ahead of the game when it comes to the constant platform changes makes us a partner that will go the extra mile for our clients. Our eCommerce strategies are focused on more conversions and sales for our clients. We drive our clients’ growth by not only taking advantage of the low hanging fruit in their Amazon markets, but also building out a proven strategy for long term growth on the platform. We personally review each client to ensure that dynamic, personalized and attainable solutions are presented and executed by our team of experts. We’ll help put you on the right path guaranteed..
Mike, Rob and Steve
Co-Founders, AMZ Advisers

Mike Begg

Founder, CMO, CFO

Rob Zawadski

Founder, COO

Steve Cicalese

Founder, CEO

Nick Signoriello

Vice President - APAC

Alberto Marquez

Office Manager

Pedro Ascencio

Account Manager

Melissa Platt

Content Writer

Cecilia Ugarte

Data Analyst

Fernando Narvaez

Account Manager

Fernanda De Lara

Account Manager

Fernanda Marquez

Graphic Designer

Michael Alunan

Seller Support Specialist

Patricia Jade Doniego

Research Assistant

Angelica Villalobos

Sales Operations Manager

Yasmine Jabado

Account Manager

Pamela Diaz

Project Manager

Francisco Aguilar

Content Writer

Padraig Riordan

Graphic Designer

Carolina Freire

Account Manager

Esteban Munoz

Content Writer

Amairani Perez Villegas

Graphic Designer

Valeria Fundunklian

Graphic Designer

Na Thummachua

Account Manager

Donna Sullivan

Content Writer

Ramiro Velasco

Director of Client Success

Isabel de Lara

Lead Graphic Designer

Deniz Otarsi

Accout Manager

Valeria Quintana

Account Manager

David Longstreth


Laura Thiel

Account Manager

Monica Vargas

Video Editor

Munira Nachiar


Mai Kittipornphisit

Account Manager

Yoshita Yadav

eCommerce Intern

Cassandra Rae Garcia

Executive Assistant


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