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Right now is the best time to start selling on Amazon India. Selling online is one of the best ways to make money, and the Amazon India customer base is ripe for the picking.

If you are smart about what products to sell and get to know how things work on the marketplace, selling on Amazon India can be very profitable for you. You can do it as a full-fledged business or a side hustle, or as an extension of your already thriving business.

Becoming an Amazon seller is one of the best ways to make money in eCommerce. You can start selling on Amazon India today to reach millions of customers that you wouldn’t otherwise have such easy access to. To begin selling on Amazon India, you need to check your eligibility, set up your Seller Central account, then list your products.

In this article, you’ll find detailed information on how to start your journey as an individual seller to see if you’re eligible to start selling on Amazon India.

How Much Does It Cost to Sell on Amazon?

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty of selling on Amazon India, here’s a general rundown of how much it costs to sell on Amazon.

You can choose to create your account as an individual seller or a professional seller. Individual selling plans are charges $0.99 per item sold plus variable closing fees from $0.45 to $1.35.

Professional selling plans are charged a monthly subscription fee of $39.99 plus variable closing fees and referral fee percentages from 6% to 25%, the average being 13%.

Variable closing fees and referral fees come from the overall sale, including shipping and gift wrapping. This generally comes out cheaper for you if you sell over 40 products every month.

Start Selling on Amazon India

Here are the steps to get started on Amazon India:

1.  Register on Amazon Seller Central in India. Sign up if you don’t have an Amazon account, and sign in if you do.

2.  Verify your business mobile number when prompted. (For a better experience, choose a number that is exclusively for your business.)

3.  Submit the required basic details about your business, and some other details like a PAN card. Then link your bank account so you can receive payments from Amazon.

After this process, if all is well, you will get a confirmation call from Amazon. Then you will be ready to start selling. The process on Amazon takes only a few minutes, then you just need to wait for the call.

Selling on Amazon India | Create Product Listings on Amazon

Use Amazon’s easy-to-use listing tools to create product listings quickly. You can add an existing product or create a new one:

1.  Go to the inventory tab on your seller account and click “Add a Product”. Search for your product. If it’s not there or you are selling a branded product, you can take the Listing tour to help you with step by step instructions.

2.  Choose the item that you want to list and click on the List button.

3.  Edit the product pricing.

4.  Enter other product details.

5. Review your listing to make sure all the details are correct, then submit it.

Your listing should be live within 15 minutes and ready for customers to view.

Check out the video below for advanced steps like using the Bulk Upload feature or Product Feed.

You can also sign up on FreeUp to hire freelancers to help you get everything set up from account creation and listing content to monitoring inventory and Sponsored Products. With professional help, you can create a high-quality collection of products.

Tips for Drop Shipping

You can reduce your risks as a seller by drop shipping instead of stocking inventory. With this model, you’ll never have to order or ship inventory. You simply list, market, and start selling the products on Amazon. You will, however, have to take care of returns and refunds.

According to Amazon, drop shipping is generally acceptable. There are guidelines, however, that you must comply with as the seller:

#1 – Be the seller of record for the products.

#2 – Identify yourself as the seller on all information included or provided in connection with the products, such as listings and packing slips.

#3 – Comply with all other terms of your seller agreement and applicable Amazon policies.

#4 – Drop ship through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Fulfillment By Amazon

Selling on Amazon India with the drop ship model requires that you use the FBA program to make sure that customers get their orders. Amazon will take care of sorting, packing, and shipping the products. Any shipping issues fall under Amazon’s responsibility.

If you are not drop shipping, you can choose to fulfil orders yourself. This means that you have to stock inventory at your own warehouse, pick and pack orders, ship them, and provide tracking to your customers. You are responsible for the entire process.

FBA is definitely the more convenient option. You don’t have to hassle over the most tedious parts of online selling. Amazon can even take care of customer service and returns for you.

FBA is also a trusted service that makes more customers more willing to buy from you. They trust Amazon and the guarantee that they provide on all FBA shipments. Customers love the faster, sometimes free, shipping through Amazon and the option to pay by credit card. Prime members can also enjoy Prime delivery options if you use FBA.

The advantages of using FBA often outweigh the fees. You have to decide for yourself, however, if your business can fare better with FBA. The fee is a percentage of your sales, plus extra fees for heavy items, so it can get pretty high. You also need to pay storage fees which can get expensive if you don’t keep your inventory at optimal levels. You might want to use FBA for some of your products, but not all.

What Products You Should Sell on Amazon

You need products that are selling well but do not have a lot of competition. Here are the steps to finding great products to start selling on Amazon India:

1.  Go to Amazon and look at what’s hot. Make a list of the products that you would like to sell.

2.  Open the top competitions’ listings to research how many reviews they have. If there are less than 100 for each seller, but not less than 10, then mark that product with a star.

3.  Do some research on the demand for the products to see if you can make enough sales. Prioritize products that are not seasonal. You can use Google Trends to help you se overall demand trends, since Amazon does not give you this information.

Hot Selling Products in India

According to Shiprocket, online shopping is a growing trend in India. There are more an more sellers and buyers turning to eCommerce. The total retail eCommerce share is going to go up by 23% next year.

Here are the most in-demand products that youcan start selling on Amazon India to make good profits:

  • Apparel – about 35% of the total revenue generated from online sales
  • Mobile Phones
  • Books
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Footwear
  • Jewellery
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Beauty Products
  • Computer Hardware, Software, and Accessories
  • Video Games
  • Toys and Games
  • Home Decor Items
  • Kitchenware
  • Household Appliances
  • Sports Goods and Fitness Equipment
  • Baby Care Products
  • Food and Health Supplements
  • Provisions
  • Handmade Items
  • Subscriptions

What Price You Should Sell Products

Pricing on Amazon is a balance between what will earn you good profits and what the competition is selling for. But it all starts with negotiating a good deal with suppliers to keep your costs low. If you are selling a unique product, then you can price higher for the added features or better quality, for example.

For new listings that have competition, you will want to price at the lower end to attract some sales until you get a good amount of sales and reviews. When you have good reviews, this will help increase sales and ranking on Amazon, which also attracts more customers to buy from you. If you have an advertising budget, you can run some ads or create promotions on Amazon to attract even more attention.

Sponsored Products and Headline Search are the go-to for Amazon advertising. This works very well if you have done proper keyword research and optimized your listings. Amazon Stores is a newer option that you can use to advertise your products through a storefront showcase.

This self-service tools has lots of customizations available that you can use to maintain your branding and make your page unique.

Final Thoughts

Now is the time to start selling on Amazon in India because the market is wide open and growing rapidly. You can go a long way in this market if you establish yourself early. Start selling in India to reach millions of customers. Expand your business by launching to India or start an Amazon business in India today.

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