How Coronavirus Has Impacted Supply Chains

with Featured Guest Robert Khachatryan of Freight Right

Robert Khachatryan is the Founder and COO of Freight Right Global Logistics.

A logistics company that specializes in forwarding for Amazon and ecommerce companies 65% of their business ends up on Amazon or eCommerce fulfillment. He started Freight Right 13 years ago in his apartment, so lean business has always been part of their philosophy.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • How coronavirus affects international freight and supply chain 
  • Freight companies’ reaction to the pandemic 
  • COVID consequences on ocean freights
  • COVID consequences on air freights
  • Main issues about ocean and air freight that sellers should note 
  • Additional challenges in the US
  • Air freight restrictions that disrupt the supply chain 
  • What sellers should know about Customs 
  • The consequences in logistics because of China’s shutdown 
  • The most recent changes on the cost of freight forwarding
  • How these challenges affect the retailers and brands that are importing from China 
  • Why product categories are so important to plan your inventory and calculate your budget 
  • Product restrictions and limitations continue to change Tips on how sellers can adjust
  • Logistics insights and trends
  • What Freight Right is doing to provide the best service to their clients 
  • Why communication is key for sellers and logistics companies to keep a seamless supply chain 
  • What alternatives sellers have when they are unable to deliver to Amazon 
  • How Freight Right works to create logistics strategies that can mitigate the challenges of their customers 
  • What obstacles should Amazon sellers expect in the future of shipping? 
  • What is considered an essential product and why is that important?
  • Permanent and temporary changes in consumers and the way people buy
  • Freight rates and fees