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7 Tips to Increase Your Amazon Sales

7 Tips to Increase Your Amazon Sales

The question posed by many Amazon sellers is how to increase sales on the Amazon marketplace. Amazon is the largest and fastest growing ecommerce platform today and poses incredible opportunities for established businesses and startups. As opposed to search engines such as Google and Bing, Amazon users are potential customers looking to buy. The key to success on the platform is product visibility. This can be achieved in a few different ways. We’ve developed these ideas for selling on Amazon through our extensive client work. Check out our Selling on Amazon Tips and Tricks below to learn how!

  1. Listing Optimization: The Amazon search algorithm is designed to show customers the most relevant listings to their queries. It bases the relevancy on the keywords used throughout your product listing. Boosting sales on Amazon starts with the copywriting in your front end. It’s important for two different reasons: keyword relevancy; and, converting customers. Amazon crawls your listing’s title, bullet points and product description for keywords and partly uses these to index your listing. It’s important to have keyword rich content – but avoid keyword stuffing as the algorithm will recognize too much density as an attempt to manipulate the algorithm. This is against the TOS. Your listing also most convert page visitors so it’s important to call out the features that make your product beneficial. Use the bullet points to highlight features and increase conversion rates.
  2. Backend Optimization: It is also important to optimize the backend of your listing. The more information you provide to Amazon will help you index for the product better. One area to utilize fully is the search term area. Amazon currently allows 1000 characters (including spaces) in each search term field. Use phrases and long tail keywords that customers could be searching for to find your product. To test if you are indexed for the search terms, copy and paste any random section. Search in Amazon and you should see your product come up within 24 hours.
  3. Advertising Campaigns: Utilizing Amazon Sponsored Ads as a seller is an important part of how to increase sales on the Amazon marketplace. Showing up page one is the goal of every seller. While it can happen right off the bat, chances are your product will not. Running advertising campaigns is key to boosting sales on Amazon and moving up the search results pages. Run automatic campaigns to collect keyword ideas to use in your campaigns. Collect the data over a few weeks. Use the data from the reports to improve your backend search terms, listing page and build manual advertising campaigns. Bid higher on the manual advertising campaigns and let low bid automatic campaigns capture sales from keywords you may have missed. This can help you increase Amazon sales rank of your product by placing your product on the first page in the form of an advertisement.

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  1. Product Promotions: Utilizing the product promotions and giveaways features of seller central are great ideas for selling on Amazon.  Enticing sellers to purchase your product through a discount can get you the momentum you need for boosting sales on Amazon. Amazon recently changed their review policy preventing sellers from providing discounts in exchange for reviews. Many sellers believe these reviews are how to increase sales on the Amazon marketplace. While reviews are important, the sales from these discounted purchases is what will increase Amazon sales rank and product visibility. You can publish discount codes directly on your listing or create a promo codes that can be used in offsite marketing campaigns.
  1. Off-Platform Advertising: One of the most important, yet least used selling on Amazon tips and tricks is to advertise outside of the Amazon platform. Running social media ads can be a great way to build buzz for your product and generate sales. Utilize promotional codes to entice potential customers to learn more. Direct customers to a landing page where they can put in their email and receive the promo code. This allows you to build a customer list for future marketing and a better audience for your online advertising campaigns. This is how to increase sales on the Amazon marketplace in a major way!
  1. Selling Internationally: Moving into international Amazon markets is another great way how to increase sales on the Amazon marketplace. The biggest markets outside of the US currently are Canada, the UK and Germany. The sales volume is smaller in these countries; however, the competition is also very low. Getting into a market early can position your product for long term sales. Utilizing Fulfillment by Amazon is the same as in the US. Each market has different tax requirements that you will need to look into. Pretty soon you will be asking how to increase sales on Amazon UK! (Hint: Use this guide!)
  1. Product Price Point: The price point of your product could be holding you back. Amazon tends to feature lower priced products toward the top of their pages. We’ve seen what simply dropping the price can do for boosting sales on Amazon. A recent client of ours dropped their price and went from no visibility to the 2nd page. The lower price will increase Amazon sales rank through additional sales. This can help you move up the rankings in extremely competitive markets. Make sure you have enough inventory before dropping the price too much or you could run out quickly!

We hope you appreciate our ideas for selling on Amazon. This has only been a brief overview on how you can increase your Amazon sales. We’ve tested these ideas and many others with the clients we have worked with and seen incredible success. We believe that implementing these steps will help you increase your sales and improve your best seller ranking. Check out our blog for more in-depth ideas or contact us to learn how to increase sales on the Amazon marketplace.

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Mike7 Tips to Increase Your Amazon Sales
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